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Your Habits Decide Your Future

bad habits

“Men Decide Their Habits and Their Habits Decide Their Future”- Dr. Mike Murdock

One inspirational quote from Dr. Mike Murdock, He is a great man of wisdom . I strongly suggest to buy his books online.It will surely change your life, renew your mind and it will give you tips & keys on how to succeed in life.

If you come to think of the statement up there it is definitely true, just by looking and observing on what your doing everyday determines what you’ll become in the future.The secret of your success is hidden in your daily routine!

You are the key and you have the ability to excel regardless what other people say to you,they may try to discourage you but if you believe in yourself that you can do it then no can bring you down.

Since you have been given a choice everything depends on you! What you are now is because of the decisions you made from the past.So if you don’t like what your seeing now then make a decision to change and it will first start on your habits. Let me give you an example for this:

As a singer we all know that in-order to build up a strong voice and to improve our instrument especially if your a beginner you must vocalize everyday and do those crazy weird exercise that sounds ridiculously funny but you know it will help you and it will make your singing easy.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about here then purchase Brett Manning’s singing success and Mastering Mix so that you’ll know. These are good stuff I’m telling you!

There’s a of process of building up your head voice,chest voice and the pharyngeal resonators. They all have to be balance out and all the airflow stuffs that you need to learn.

All of these things takes time to perfect them so that you’ll be able to sound the way you always wanted to sound like.But if you are lazy and if you are not fully committed in what you are doing  you wont see results and you’ll end up getting frustrated. You cannot blame it on Brett because his program really works and it is very much helpful!

The secret is all up to you, If you vocalize everyday,do everything that he says on the Cd’s and make it as apart of your daily routine/habit then your voice will dramatically improve.

Also do not give up, sometimes  in the bridge of your breakthrough you suddenly have that feeling of being lazy, tired and hopeless so you just stop and fall back.

You must learn to persevere and not to stop until you see any result. Do not give your self any right to give up! Be optimistic and always see the good side in everything.

You must be exited about life and stop complaining or whining about the things that you are going through right now, it’s just temporary it’s not permanent so decide to make a change and better yet be the change!

Always remember it is in what you do everyday that will bring you to the place where you want to be.If you change your habits it will eventually change your life!

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3 Comments for “Your Habits Decide Your Future”

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  2. Sex

    None of this stuff was ever a problem until a bunch of dyke feminists from Kalifornia decided THEY didn't like the way the United States worked. Also look up “the Feminization of the American Male”, it will put gay Metrosexuals in perspective too. Sorry Mets, like it or not you're as queer as they come. Now go pluck your eyebrows.

  3. Belcherp

    Mike Murdock, a great man of wisdom? ARE YOU INSANE? Are we talking about the same thief that appears about 365 days a year on religious programs where he constantly begs for folks to send him cash so you in return will get all kinds of goodies from God? When you quote Mike Murdock you give away the fact that you are truly a moron.

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