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Your Feelings and Your Business

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Are you motivated by an emotion?  I am.  And while this is not an intentional ego fest, my experience might give you a glint of insight.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you most likely know that I work as a small time real estate developer.  Simply put, I buy a house, I fix it up, and I rent it out.

Other than being a fascinating glimpse into human nature (and how untrustworthy some people may be), it’s taught me an unimaginable amount of things about myself.

A lot of people start into entrepreneurship of any type with the notions of “top quality” and “helping people” in mind.  Perhaps that isn’t how you started (or how you’re thinking of starting), but that was certainly how I rolled back when I started with the real estate shtick.

Of course, like those who wanted to compete on Donald Trump’s level found out the same thing I did – it is freaking expensive to go top-tier.

And for another thing, there is a threshold beyond which profit is simply unreachable.  In the hood, that threshold is reached pretty early on.  You do not need (nor should you even have) the most high end things in the hood.

I’m not going into theft and the reasons behind it (which go deeper than I realized for a long time) – how you feel about your business and yourself is of infinitely greater importance.

If you have never heard of the vibrational scale, check it out.  Simply put, every emotion is a sort of “wave length” that echoes through everything you do.  No matter how thoroughly you plot things out, no matter how much you “will” your success… if you feel powerless or unworthy, it will fail.

I don’t know about you, but I have often struggled with the “bottom” feelings, such as jealousy, anger and revenge.  There is no real vengeance in having a successful business – and unless you subscribe to the notion that the best revenge is to live well, your level of success will be severely hampered by focusing your energy on harming someone else.

If you really look at where you’re sitting (or standing) at this moment emotionally, and then honestly evaluate where you are on the path toward your goals, you might find it very telling.

Wherever you are is fine – don’t ever judge yourself on your feelings.  If someone’s done something harmful to you, you have every right to feel angry, and even vengeful.

But while your life might be different than mine, I often find that when I shake off that “muck,” I end up being a whole lot more productive.  I call it muck because it weighs you down, actually gives you a sickly feeling… and it doesn’t make you especially attractive to other people, either.

You didn’t ask for my advice, but I’m going to give it to you anyway.  If you find yourself feeling bad, ask yourself why.  Is it really the people and things that are around you?  Or is it how you’ve been thinking about the people and things around you?

What you think (and by extension, how you carry yourself and go about your day) echoes outward to everyone around you.  And when your thoughts are hurtful to you, you will attract more hurtful people and situations into your life.

And your business will almost always do better, if you make (and execute) your plans with a good feeling.

While this might sound all “touchy feely,” it’s true.  The more powerful and happy I feel, the less power the hurtful people have over me, and the less often I see them.  It’s like a force field – and it doesn’t even cost anything.

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