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Wisdom Is Supreme


Wisdom is a vital and a principal thing a person must have. So in everything get wisdom. Wisdom is the key to success, and success can be learned so therefore no one can call themselves a loser or a failure. You can only call yourself one if you have given up, you stop trying or you just stop learning & discovering.

Just like Thomas Edison the inventor of the Light Bulb, he didn’t give up on his invention no matter how many times he failed. He recognized it as a discovery experience.

He even quoted that “I have not failed. I’ve just found a thousand ways that it won’t work”. He didn’t consider it as loss, but gain. In the same way, wisdom has been made available for us; it is something that was freely given by God to everyone who is willing to search for it.

Having God’s wisdom in your life will lead you to success, prosperity and living an abundant healthy life without the pain of failure.

There are various things & problems in life that we cannot understand, may it be in relationship, losses in the family, poverty, and etc., that only through His wisdom can all these problems be solve and given answers to.

If you have the God’s wisdom in you, you’ll have favor upon favor. Remember your rewards in life are determine by the problem you solve for others.

“Wisdom is the ability to accomplish things faster & easier”

Now, I don’t mean to preach or to get spiritual here but this is an important factor every person must know, it just takes wisdom for you to be the next billionaire.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you constantly learning and studying no matter what age you are. You don’t necessarily have be a college graduate to be successful because let me tell you some of the successful people today haven’t really  step into college or a University they just have the wisdom of God to help them succeed.

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