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What To Do When You Have NO Money and NO Job

no money no job

In this economy there have been a lot of people who have been displaced by the housing bust or have lost their jobs.

People are affected everywhere.

Radio stations are closing – filing for bankruptcy, airlines are filing for bankruptcy… People have lost their homes and their financial incomes.

So chances are you or someone you know has become affected by this declining economy.

What can you do to get help for yourself or others?

First – there are several types of jobs available that you may not know about – try the online sector, you’d be surprised at what is available and some of them pay remarkably well.

Try these locations:




While these places have not been completely checked out – and you will have to use your common sense – as you can see, there are some possibilities that you might not have considered.

Also – strange as it may seem, have you thought about doing a newspaper route? Some newspapers pay their carriers several hundreds of dollars every month for delivering in the early morning hours.

Are you good at mowing lawns?

A lawnmower, a rake and a small truck can make you 200 – 300 dollars a day – if you go out and put your name on the boards or put a newspaper ad out there. Mow 5 lawns for 30.00 and you’ve got 150.00 for a little gas and upkeep on your lawnmower.

Remember when you were a kid and looking for a job? Well those jobs are still there – and if you market yourself right – you can make some money.

Now – to getting money for an immediate situation, such as food…

There are several organizations that are available to you – they are usually run by the state that you are in.

For example:


Social Security

Check your local offices for assistance and information – they are often listed under Social Services.

Next – there are churches… Do not forget to check at the local churches – they generally have money to help their people – and if you are a member of a church or religious group, don’t be afraid to go and talk to the leader (priest, pastor, counselor, rabbi, etc.) They have been trained on how to assist, in most cases, those who are in need.

And last, but not least, there are usually food banks set up for situations like this. Salvation Army, which is in nearly every state and city – usually has help available – or knows where to get it.

Contact them – and let them know the situation, and they usually have phone numbers or people/businesses you can talk to.

Surprisingly — if you try these few places, you might just have enough to get you through this rough spot until you get everything back in order.

But most of all – try to remember – that this Nation has a lot of people in this situation and you or the people you know who are going through a rough time are not alone.

If you happen to be reading this article, Impulse Magazine offers the suggestion that perhaps if you find a little extra time, money or food, to please donate to the agency in your area to help those in need.

Written by:         Meki Cox

Twitter ID:         @_lyricsexpress_

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