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What Nuts Go Good With Beer?


Any beer drinkers worth their salt will say that the question of what goes well with beer is only significant for the first six pack of beers. After that, just about anything is good.

That’s not meant as a derogatory comment about the beer nor the food. It merely emphasizes the fact that beer tends to promote a healthy appetite which leads to the beer belly phenomenon. It’s not that beer that causes the belly – it’s the food you eat with the beer.

Beer Nuts Brand

Having said that, if you and your guests are just having a couple of beers each, then it’s probably better to be a little more discerning about the food you serve. But here’s the good news, as far as nuts go, practically all nuts go well with beer. A case in point is the composition of a very popular product line called “Beer Nuts” which, as the name suggest, are nuts that go very well with beer.

The Beer Nuts company uses a wide variety of nuts in their product. These include peanuts ( which was what they originally used), cashews, almonds, pecans and macadamia. They also have different preparations, mixtures and flavors ranging from glazed, kettle cooked, hot and spicy, jalapeno mix and for the drinker with a sweet tooth, chocolate covered peanuts.

Beer Nuts Brand

Planter Brand

Even the original Planters peanuts which are popular as bar snacks and as in between meals snack foods, produces a diverse line with peanuts, cashews, almonds and even sunflower kernels.

Planter Brand

They have a line called Cocktail peanuts and a reintroduced line called Tavern nuts.

Nowadays, with more and more people getting deeply concerned about healthy eating, nuts as beer fare are enjoying a resurgence in interest. Whereas before, fatty fried foods would be typical fare along with greasy chips loaded with dips, many drinkers opt for nuts instead.

Regardless of whether it is the just the satisfaction of the urge to munch or the rich flavors of some nut mixtures, the fact remains that for many drinkers, nuts and beer are the new healthy combination.

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