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What Does Your Choice of Alcohol Say About You

alcoholic drinks

Beer? Wine? Gran Mariner? Tequila?

What is your preferred poison?

After having worked in the bartending business for a couple of  years, it became apparent to me that the preference of the drinker, often dictated how they would act both inside the nightclub and out.

While this list isn’t going to fit every single person, I’ve found it to be fairly accurate and interesting to consider when meeting new people and observing what they choose to drink.

Find yourself on my list – and see if the description fits you.

Domestic Beer Drinkers (Budweiser, Coors, Busch, Miller, etc.)

Generally these guys are hard workers who just want to kick back and enjoy a good evening out. Most of the time they are with friends and are friendly, down to earth people.  Most of these drinkers are comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts and feel at home in almost every environment.

Pool tables are a comfort zone and small talk comes easily. If you make friends with one of these guys, they are your friend for life – as long as the beer keeps flowing.

Wine Drinkers (All types of Wine or Champagne)

Some people would say “snooty” or delicate, but I say a man who orders wine has serious class going on. Especially if he’s enjoying the taste of the wine. The higher the price of the wine or champagne dictates how this man dresses.

With the boxed house wines, he might be wearing crew-neck sweaters and designer jeans with boat shoes – or with the higher priced varieties, he will tend to be more dressed in designer clothing or a suit. This man is generally a book reader and/or a movie goer. He enjoys literary works and sometimes art.

He is interested in good conversation and tends to enjoy speaking with groups of people, although a few of these kinds of men will be seen separately on romantic dates – but even these usually tend to end up with more people joining them at some point.

Imported Beers (Heineken, Dos Equis, Corona, Guiness and any specialty beers)

This group of men are generally more aloof or standoffish than your typical beer drinker. They tend to enjoy being on the edges of the social group, participating after a few drinks, but not really being in the middle of all the ruckus.

These guys will order food more often than any other drink types. They also tend to have a wide variety of clothing arrangements, as some will wear suits and some will be dressed down in jeans.

Shot Drinkers (B52’s, Kamikazes, etc.)

These are your wild boys. They tend to find fun and interact with just about everyone. Sometimes these are the other types of alcohol drinkers who are just adding to their repertoire, sometimes, shots are the only things these guys will drink.

These drinkers usually show up late, dance all night and are the loud rambunctious crew. Most of the time they don’t cause problems, but every once in awhile – there is a fight, and it usually is started by this group, more often than not. Shot drinkers come in all sizes and shapes – not to mention wardrobes.

Mixed Drinks (Rum and Coke, Vodka and Tonic, Gin and Juice, etc.)

Mixed drinks equals mixed results. Most of these drinkers are calm and quiet, tending to blend into the scenery until too much Captain has jumped into the coke and when that happens, watch out – these boys know how to party!

Tending to be more dressed up than just plain jeans, these gentlemen are very comfortable with who they are and they are usually very friendly to others when they’ve had more than one drink.

Specialty Drinks (Gran Mariner Snifter, Mai Tai, Blue Lagoon, Toxic Waste, Scooby Snack)

Like the shot drinkers, these guys are more of a risk taker than all of the other drinkers. They don’t care what people think of them and they enjoy the flavors of whatever alcohol they have chosen.

They proudly show off their unusual colored drink and often offer other people tastes of their special concoctions.  Usually more dressier than Domestic Beer guy, most of these drinkers are dancers and laughing individuals. Most of them are quite fun to be around.

So now that you know how I rate people who order drinks – which one are you?

Written by: Meki Cox

Twitter id @_lyricsexpress_

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  1. YigPoo

    Nothing like an ice cold draft beer to end the day!

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