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Vitamins – Are They REALLY Good For You?


Men are buying health supplements left and right off of the store shelves and purchasing special online formulations in order to remain healthy or prevent disease. But recent studies have shown that vitamins may not be the miracle answer that  everyone thinks they might be.

While a multivitamin might help those who are not eating a proper diet, a recent article by Adam Voiland at Health US News, suggests that instead of being helpful in warding off diseases, vitamins are possibly causing tumors to grow more quickly.

In Voiland’s article he located information that taking Vitamin E may even be linked to “to an increased risk of lung cancer“.

So where does this leave men who believe that vitamins are helpful?

Taking a multivitamin may be the current “in” thing, but studies are showing that while some vitamins are beneficial – vitamins aren’t always the best thing to be taking.

Doctors and Research specialists are suggesting that the best form of getting the proper nutrition isn’t in taking a small amount of pills daily, but rather eating the proper assortment of foods that provide those same nutrients.

A Japanese study – which focused on Men’s Health surrounding the Heart, and was published in The Journal of The American Heart Association, noted that men who had a higher intake of vitamin B-6 and Folate appeared to be linked to fewer Heart Attack deaths.

However – it was noted that those who had a higher intake of Folate and B-6 were not obtaining the extra nutrients from a multivitamin, but were instead eating diets richer in these things.

So, while there have been some instances showing better vitamin intake does indeed help the body, the current medical research has not shown significant medical proof that vitamins are absolutely more healthy for the human body.

Perhaps eating a healthier diet, rich in nutrients and exercising appropriately is the proper way to go, instead of popping a bunch of pills swallowed in a wash of a protein shake.

The Jury is out on this and has not reached a complete verdict – many more clinical studies are being conducted and the results are being interpreted – so as with any change in your diet or exercise program, please contact your physician.

If your physician has ordered you to take dietary supplements, then follow your doctor’s orders.

However, before you reach up onto a shelf and purchase another multivitamin, be sure to do some research.

Keep in mind that companies are permitted to sell you a product that doesn’t always have medical approval. The Vitamin industry is a 23 BILLION dollar a year moneymaker for these companies.

So it shouldn’t surprise you if they wrap their products in cool packages, and try to make you believe it is the “healthy alternative”.

Granted, there are those out there who need dietary supplements for medical reasons – and those people should continue on taking the vitamins that they need. But in reality – most people who are taking vitamins really don’t need them – and they are flushed out of your system rather rapidly, which you can see every time you hit the urinal.

So – consider this as you pay that young lady at the cash register – does your body really need that vitamin B or can you get it eating an extra salad this week?

Couldn’t you make your own body better by choosing your food wisely and reading labels?

Perhaps instead of reaching for that multivitamin,  now might be a good time to research a proper diet for your lifestyle. It would be a healthy alternative – for a healthy lifestyle.

Written by:    Meki Cox

Twitter ID:     @_lyricsexpress_

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