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Top Android Phones on U.S Carriers


The Nexus One, Google’s own flagship device is also the flagship T-Mobile Device. Although unlocked by default, the Nexus One and T-Mobile have had a pretty close relationship from the start which will only get closer with Google’s new retail online strategy (instead of online). The Nexus One already gets subsidized with new 2 year contracts on T-Mobile. I would also expect it to get cheaper with these changes.

Sadly AT&T is the slowest carrier in the U.S to adopt the Android OS so far with only one device available from them, the Motorola Backflip. The Backflip is a quirky setup with the keyboard on the back of the screen, then flipping up to reveal itself.

I am not a big fan of that setup and the Backflip is basically a simplified, cheaper Droid. Luckily for AT&T customers who really want Android, Google has a version of the Nexus One available for retail price that you can add to an existing contract for $529. You will really have to love Android.

After being fairly slow to adopt Android, Verizon has finally embraced it wholeheartedly. The lack of an iPhone on the Verizon Network only left VZN with one solution – the best iPhone competitor.

Sadly, the phone I have, the Motorola Droid, is not that phone. However, for lucky new Verizon customers and people with money trees in their backyard, the HTC Droid Incredible was released in late April.

This phone is way faster than the iPhone spec wise, and has a great camera on the back. Running the latest Android 2.1 with the HTC Sense UI, it is also one of the most beautiful looking Android devices you can buy. The Sense UI supposedly slows it down a bit even with the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, but I have a hard time believing it.

Sprint evo 4Sprint was early to the game when it came to Android handsets and has done a good job staying on top of their game with their latest release the HTC Evo 4G. The first 4G speed phone in the U.S is on Sprint and it happens to be Android.

That is a huge step for the OS that was an afterthought almost after the original HTC G1 came out. The Evo 4G is a very fast, two camera wielding beast of a phone.

This thing is built on specs. 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, 8mp rear facing camera, 1mp front facing camera, and 4G speeds, you can not go wrong if you are a sprint customer.

The only downfall is the $10/month 4G requirement addition and the $30 tethering access, which makes this a very expensive phone to own.

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  1. Man, the new Blackberry Torch is blowing all these out of the water..its only comp is maybe the EVO!

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