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Top 5 Vodka’s and How They Were Selected

Selecting the very best vodka in the world sounds like one hot job which many people are sure to volunteer for.

But this is not as easy as it looks because reviewing such products call for some standards to be observed to ensure that the evaluation is fair. In fact, many have considered the vodka tasting process to be an art in itself.

So for the true vodka connoisseur, here are the 5 best vodkas in the world as gathered from reviews from respected sources around the net.

Before we go on with the list let’s look at the art of tasting vodka. While vodka taken straight from the freezer is preferred by many, the best way to evaluate the taste is actually at room temperature.

As you may have noticed, an extremely cold vodka tends to have a muted aroma and the temperature numbs the taste buds.

First, one must look at the vodka, making sure that it is not cloudy and that it is clear and bright. After that, the smell of the vodka is evaluated which is done in a manner similar to wine tasting with is by swirling.

There must be no overly sharp, pungent or perfume-like odors present. Then it is time for a little sip where you roll the liquid around your tongue.

Evaluate the quality of the taste. After this, allow the vodka to air a bit, then swallow it, noting the quality of the taste when it goes down. Then the last evaluation has to do with how it interacts with your tongue. The operative word here is smooth with little or no aftertaste.

Having put that behind us, here are the top 5 vodkas in the world for 2010:

5. This is actually a two way tie.

Belvedere from Poland ($35)


Effen from the Netherlands ($33)


4. Fris from Denmark ($24)


3. Ciroc from France ($32)


2. Reyka from Iceland ($28)


This is a 3 way tie between:

Absolut – from Sweden ($22)

Finlandia – From Finland ($22)


RUS (Bogorodskaya) – From Russia ($18)

rus vodka

Let’s get one thing clear. There is not a single bad vodka in the list because these are the very best and there are still a lot of vodkas that are good ones but did not make the list.

Then you will notice that the very best vodkas are actually the cheapest as well despite the fact that price has nothing to do with the ranking. Pretty intriguing result which speaks volumes about value for money.

Put one of these in your freezer or better yet, put all 8 and have one awesome vodka tasting party!

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