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Top 3 Banned Documentaries

banned documentaries

The internet revolutionized the dissemination of information. All of a sudden there were no borders to stop the distribution of information and it became increasingly harder for individuals or even entire countries to cover up information.

The online world is now privy to large databanks of information that was previously available only to a select group of people who were usually the co-conspirators. In the past, whistleblowers were very few and were dealt with easily particularly in authoritarian states.

Yes there is a sea of information out there, however where there is information, there is disinformation too.

Hence, the following list of some banned documentaries, is meant to stimulate your own thinking process, not to dictate upon it. You are encouraged to draw your own conclusions from these videos and the others that you might run into in the sites we will suggest.

Where there are banned documentaries, there will be conspiracies.

However, those with much to hide have mastered the art of making the word conspiracy appear ridiculous, being the product of a twisted mind or busybodies with nothing better to do than to take potshots at a benevolent authority that wishes only to govern peacefully and harmoniously.

Hence, one the word conspiracy comes up in a conversation, eyebrows are inevitably raised and people brace themselves for what they expect to a collection of “anti-establishment” propaganda.

Perhaps in some cases, there may be some truth to this belief, however, the reverse is also true, that there are a lot of legitimate exposes’ which are summarily dismissed as pure fabrication.

Thankfully the internet provides a venue for information to be laid out in comprehensive manner unlike before where people had to rush at delivering their messages, lest they be arrested.

So here are some documentaries that have been banned but are now making the rounds of the internet. Their inclusion here is by no means any endorsement as to their validity or content.

They are included mainly because they are currently among the most popular banned documentaries.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: The Movie

This is a thought provoking 3 part film released in 2007. Various parts of the movie that were posted on various video sharing sites, were taken off at one point or another.

The first part of the movie, named “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, essentially questions Christianity and focuses on the theory that it is in fact, derived from many other religions as well as astronomy.

The second part, “All The Worlds A Stage”, focuses on the events surrounding the 9/11 incident, many of which have been mentioned in many other works including Fahrenheit 911.

The third and last part, “Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain” focuses on the thesis that the major wars were waged for economic reasons. It is further expounded on later on, linking several multi-government agreements to a plan of creating a “One World Government”.


The Conspiracy of Silence

The Conspiracy of Silence

The US Government is usually the target of many alleged cover-up scenarios and the banned documentary Conspiracy of Silence – US Politicians Pedophile Ring, is a good example.

The documentary focuses on a child prostitution ring which catered to prominent people in Omaha, Nebraska, including politicians.

Foremost among them was Lawrence King who eventually was convicted of different charges, mainly embezzlement. A report issued in 1990 declared that the prostitution was no more than a large scale hoax, though no arrests were made nor were any perpetrators mentioned.


The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The third banned documentary is a History Channel documentary on the JFK assassination. From the very start, there were many versions about JFKs death and the perpetrators and this documentary entitled ” The Men Who Killed Kennedy” links oil tycoons and J. Edgar Hoover to the assassination.


Again, we make no conclusions about the content of these videos. Perhaps the best advice we can give is to watch with an open mind and decide for yourself, what the truth really is.

It is at this point that we will do a Pontius Pilate, asking “What is truth” and will leave without waiting for the answer that we know is not forthcoming any time soon.

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2 Comments for “Top 3 Banned Documentaries”

  1. Reaganclit

    perhaps the word “banned” means something different for you than it does for me.

  2. sifsdf

    My all time favourite banned documentary is Fudge 44 which is about creatures spotted in Tokyo in the early eighties I think

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