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Top 10 Stupid Ways to Become Famous

Have you ever dreamt of being a celebrity or at least so famous that everybody knows who you are only by looking at you for a second? If you don’t look like Brad Pitt or Cristiano Ronaldo and are even not good at acting or have incredibly talented at football, it’s quite impossible to become somebody. But wait, if you’re those wannabes but you’re not qualified at all, do not worry! We have several ways out for you but you’ve gotta make sure you’re kind of an extraordinary person

Top 10 Stupid Ways to Become Famous

1. Sell your life on eBay

eBay is a center point for online traders and buyers around the world, why don’t you try selling some weird stuff, really weird I mean, in order to become famous. Recently, a British man has sold his entire life; car, house, job and an introduction to his friends on eBay for 200,000 pounds and now he is well known He’s appeared on the media including in the online news which surely will make him more famous! You might want to repeat the idea unless you don’t mind being a homeless celeb.

2. Attack the United States of America

Had you ever known who Osama bin laden was before he was claimed to be involved with the 9/11 attack? Most of you might not have even heard of his name but now you even know where he’s from and what he looks like as you’ve seen his pictures everywhere. Also, a Korean Cho Seung-Hui became well known worldwide as the Virginia Tech massacre with his biography on wikipedia after committing mass murder of 32 people. Deal with the US if you dare and if you’re fool enough!

3. Be a freak on youtube

This is the easiest way although it might sound a little bit stupid as you have to act like a weirdo and people throughout the world will get to see you freaking out! You just shoot a video with you on it and put it on youtube, make sure it looks creepy, weird or funny enough. Not really sure if you will succeed? Ask Chris Crocker on Leave Britney Alone’ or a guy from Chocolate Rain’. Their videos have gained millions of views so far.

4. Assassinate someone famous

Life is not lasting but fame is! Killing someone famous will make you famous, the more famous that person is, the more well known you are because his/her fame will pass directly to you as a murderer! The way is pretty easy as you don’t have to prepare loads of stuff for video shooting or to go online for an auction, you just kill someone famous and then prepare for the upcoming fame. You’re guaranteed to be extremely famous especially in a prison!

5. Make a home sex video

This way is a little bit similar to acting like a freak in youtube but making a home sex video offers you a better chance as sex is always alluring to people. If your sex scenes are seductive enough, you might not only become famous on the video. If you’re lucky, someone could contact you to be a professional porn star. If not, you’re just a famous amateur one and might receive a thousands thank-yous for the free and tantalising video.

6. Commit suicide in a peculiar way

After your peculiar suicide commitment, do not leave a note telling why you commit suicide to make it more mysterious. You will appear in the front page of several local newspapers, online news world wide and you could be celebrating your fame somewhere. The world will be stunned with the way you could come up with about the suicide and it will become talk of the town. People will definitely want to know who you are and how come you were born this stupid.

7. A scandal with a celebrity

Either you used to or now date or a celeb or only break into a celeb’s house, you tend to become famous! While you’re dating a famous person, you’re inevitably tracked by paparazzi and they can easily find out who you are in no time. Even if you’re only an ex boyfriend or ex husband of a female star, you still catch those paparazzi’s attention and that way you lose all your privacy but it’s worth trying if your heart is already set on being a famous person.

Top 10 Stupid Ways to Become Famous

8. Criticise other religions

Religion is a prohibited topic in any kind of conversations as it could lead to a severe contradiction. So another stupid way to make yourself well known is to criticise or insult other religions and mimic them with funny cartoons. You will absolutely be condemned for your deed and you will get a chance to make your first appearance on TV, newspaper and also on the internet. Buddhists and Muslims take their religions seriously so it’s not wise to make yourself famous by this way. I don’t even think it’s worth having it a go!

9. Enter a reality show and be crazy

Nowadays, reality shows are exceedingly seen on TV, why don’t you join one of them? The most important thing is to make yourself stand out from others, find your unique identity and express it out. The more crazy and freak you are, the more recognised you get. You will become a well-known person, people could be pointing at you while you’re walking on a street, gossiping that “look at him, he’s kind of a weirdo in the reality show!” Anyway, look at the bright side, they at least know your name and your identity!

10. Get naked in a football stadium

Get naked, run into the pitch amidst thousands of spectators, go straight to a well-known footballer, get arrested and become famous! Your name and pictures of you will be released in newspapers. You’re not only famous among those football fans in the stadium, but also among those world-class footballers who know who you are and will always remember what you did!

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