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Tom Collin’s Cocktail Drink

tom collins cocktail

This is for all our English & American folks out there!Tom Collins is a very classic and a legendary drink from London since the 1800’s.  It has this very interesting and inviting taste! This drink is combination of  Gin’s and soda’s!

You have got try making one of these at home. This is perfect if your having  a dinner party at your house. You would surely impress your friends and your family! Though this is restricted for adults only! Let’s get started:



3 lemon wedges this makes about 25ml of lemon juice

25ml sugar syrup

50ml. London Dry Gin

Soda water

Glass/cocktail shaker

Slice of lemon or cherry for garnish (opotional)


Step 1:In a glass shaker put in your 3 squeezed lemon wedges, your  sugar syrup and the 50ml Gin and fill up it up with ice.

Step 2:Now shake it well!

Step 3:  Strain and pour the liquid onto a cocktail  glass or any glass that you prefer using filled with lots of ice.

Step 4: Lastly, add in your  sizzling water soda.

Step 5: Top it off with a lemon or cherry.

Step 6:  Make it even more classy and fun by adding on a bendable straw, that’s the joy of it!

Step 7:  Now serve and enjoy!

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