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Time to Bring the Handkerchief Back


I have been attempting for the last several years to bring the hankie back.
So far it has been unsuccessful and I think maybe my public outcry here will persuade at least one person.


Seriously, think of the children.

Just kidding, but really, what is the point of a hankie? Well basically it is an awesome piece of cloth that you can sneeze into or blow your nose into without being called gross (like, you know, if you did it into your shirt or something). Ok, well some people still think it is gross, but they are stupid.

Buying 5-10 hankies should be plenty. Then after every day throw it into the laundry. That keeps them clean for you and keeps the naysayers quiet. It’s no different than a Kleenex.

The point of a hankie is that you always have it with you in your back pocket. If you are anything like me, you have a runny nose occasionally. Hankie to the rescue.

Maybe you picked that awesome zit and it won’t stop bleeding in class or a meeting. Hankie to the rescue.

Or you decided to try and be Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (that is 4 T’s in his name, coincidence?) and got grease all over your hands before your meeting. Whoops, probably shouldn’t wipe it on your $300 pair of slacks. Hankie to the rescue.

I hope these few (there are many more, trust me) reasons to carry a hankie around have persuaded you to purchase a few.

If you are worried about my editorial integrity, I do NOT have a stake in a major hankie manufacturer.

Photo Credit: mcfarlandmo

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