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The Xbox 360 Console Review

xbox 360

This review is dedicated to review one of the best and most bought consoles in the world, the Xbox 360 console. This game offers not only great graphics and features, but the excitement and variety most gamers are looking for.

The Xbox 360 console comes in two different styles on the market; the bigger version and the slim version. The slim version is definitely lighter and the finish looks more stylish than for the previous model. This console will match perfectly in your living room or wherever you put the game console.

When a person gets the system out of the box he or she will have a nice new system that is almost immediately ready for the first game. Normally, it comes with one or two controllers, USB sticks, and can include games, depending upon the package you purchase.

If you want to buy some games for the Xbox 360 and you are lucky enough to find them included in a package deal with the console, controllers and USB stick, always take the package deal; the games will be much cheaper this way.

You can get this system with a very nice chrome finish. Additionally, you get the hard drive with the option to download many different files and have the life option available to you. Besides that you will also get the headset, which is awesome for any game, and gives you more of a lifelike feeling than you could ever get with just speakers.

You are also going to get the remote, internet, and many other features that come with the Xbox 360 console. The internet feature is what excites hardcore gamers the most because here the challenge and opportunity to play against other skilled gurus in one game in particular gives you a greater chance to improve in skill and play against friends.

The hard drive alone costs around $100 and if you go with the package deal the hard drive will be included. You always have to consider the use of the console, how often it will be used, when and also against whom you are playing, to make an optimal decision when it comes to choosing between packages.

The first model of the 360 is a little bit heavy and bigger than the slim version. Make sure to take this into consideration if you are going to be taking it in your backpack and going outside with it.


The control panel of the Xbox 360 console has a BIG “Power Button” which is a big feature. Under the power button you have USB´s for controllers which you will be using right after the purchase. At the back of the console you have a third USB and the internet port.

You have two options when it comes to the controller: You can either go with the old controller or decide to pay a little bit more and get the wireless controllers instead. The only difference is that the design looks more stylish, you have more functionality than the older style controllers.

All in all, the console is pretty similar to the PlayStation 3 For Sale, but the features differ a bit. It can be said that the Xbox 360 console is a great gaming opportunity for the younger generation.

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