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The Tentacled Oracle – ‘Paul’

Tentacled OracleThe very first instinct of any German fan would have surely been to barbecue ‘Paul’.

A deep seated anger sprang up which took the shape of divine appeal hoping that the predicted victory of Spaniards was nothing but a whim of an eight legged monster priest.

But alas!! German hopes were smashed brutally against the Spaniard wall supported by the foundation of the ‘Oracle Paul’.

This two and a half year old giant infant made its way into the  world in January 2008  at Sea Life Center in Weymouth, England and later moved to a seaquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. The “Oracle of Oberhausen” made a foray into the arena of sports predictions with Euro 2008.

During the process of prediction, two clear plastic boxes containing mussels were placed in the tank bearing the flags of the contenders (Germany and its opponent) and Paul, ignoring the media around him, chose a box relishing the delicacy.

Yet our sage has poorly rated himself on the scale of patriotism. German air was chilly, as the prediction of Spanish win had not only disturbed the living but also awakened the souls of great German patriots from their deep slumber. Paul proposes and German team disposes!! the psychic premonition of the soccer sage was nothing less than true.

The prediction of Spanish triumph made Paul a sensational superstar bestowing upon him the celeb status but shadows appear in light only. Death threats followed inevitably. The security of “El Pulpo Paul”(Spanish name of Paul) became a major concern for Spanish Prime Minister, Zapatero.

Let’s hope that PETA gives a second thought to its demand for freeing the ‘soccer seer’ as it might lead to frying of this World Cup prognosticator.

The footage of grilled octopus aired on German TV led to the decision of providing Z security to this critter. A ‘high-alert’ was sounded in the seaquarium and every football fan was closely watched. Hate mails poured in but were far less than mails wishing for the safety of the soccer seer.

‘Eight for eight’ in case of Germany, has earned Paul international fame and  repute as a professional oracle whose skills are now being demanded all across the globe.

On the one hand, Iraq wants him to make a political prediction while on the other hand, a reporter from Greece wants him to foretell the end of the financial crisis. His credibility will not let anyone dismiss his predictions. Watch out!! all the seers sitting out there. This psychic cephalopod has it in him.

But wait a minute! relief is round the corner for all the fortune tellers. The retirement of this eminent and brilliant astrologer has now been made public by the spokesperson of Oberhausen aquarium.

Bad news for some- those thinking to hire Paul will now have to wait for the next World Cup. The retreat at the peak will engrave the tentacled predictor as a legend in the hearts of his fans.

His triumph will always be remembered in history. The feat achieved by Paul made him a star attraction and media gave him his share of popularity. His eight correct predictions, all in a row, are something to be envied by the astrologers all over the globe.

Success of this sea creature as an astrologer has been doubted by many elite rationalists on this planet. They consider his perfection of predictions as nothing but sheer luck.

But all these arguments and contentions are of no value for the football fans who have seen it all right in front of their eyes. These wiles and opinions will be lost down the memory lane and all that will remain is the unassailable success of the ‘eight legged soccer seer’.

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