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The Skyliners & Flight of the Frenchies

The Skyliners Cartwheeling in the Clouds

This team of adventure seekers called The Skyliners have no limits when it comes to a challenge and having the time of their lives. Urban highlining, mountain highlining and much more is part of their every day routine for adrenaline rushes, and the great part about it all is that the majority of their endeavors are being captured on video for the rest of the world to enjoy and marvel at. These guys like to share unique moments with everyone and although some may find their highlining antics a bit bizarre and totally insane, these guys are gaining a huge following the world over.

The Skyliners have been all over the place including Mont Blanc and Norway to name but two of them and their exploits are to say the least, pretty amazing. Tancrede, Julien, Sebastien and Antoine have no fear of heights and that’s for sure and they showed this off well when they highlined the twin towers in Paris. The team of slackliners is made up of girls and guys who are to say the least are more than ‘a little bit crazy’ but hey – they really do look like they are having a lot of fun up there. They are certainly keeping a lot of people entertained with their range of high level exploits both in the wilderness of mountain ranges and urban ones too.

Flight of the Frenchies highwire

This crazy idea all started one weekend when a bunch of friends got together for a highlining adventure with a difference. 15 people embarked on four days of pure madness that included free falls, parachutes and anything else they felt they needed to add to the mayhem. From this mad but questionably innocent beginning, the team has ventured above cities, mountain ranges and ravines to highline, basejump, slackline and basically terrify and intrigue anyone who watches their amazing videos because each time these guys go out they are filmed by Seb Montaz. This great French movie guy has spent his life working and playing around mountains being a mountain guide and ski instructor who showed a real talent for filming his clients. He subsequently turned this passion into a full time career. His philosophy on life is simple -‘life is what you make it’. His videos of the Skyliners are amazing and have captured the imagination of all who watch them online.

Now you definitely need to be a bit nuts to want to walk across a tight rope thousands of feet above terra firma, but when you see what these guys get up to when they are up there, you really get the feeling they are having the time of their lives. The adrenaline rush must be incredible and this is what keeps them climbing to these great heights all over the globe time and time again. Free falling down mountain sides or tight roping over a busy city street with a look of pure ecstasy on their faces says it all.

These guys travel the world in search of the best and most challenging places to practice and perfect their skills. They went to Norway to highline and basejump and spent twenty incredible days hiking up the Katthammaren wall an amazing 1200m high to try out their wing suits which they did very well and each time they flew to terra firma they had to hike back up to start all over again! Not satisfied with 1200metre high wall, the team traveled further north to the Troll Wall which is 1600 metres high with a massive overhang to carry on with their daring exploits in the skies above the world. The team set up two lines, a 20 metre and a 50 metre one and after highlining across they basejumped from the top of the wall to finish off their day.


Now these two pioneers of highliners, Tancrede and Julien have treated us to some amazing adventures over recent months with trips to incredible places where they do and perform some of the craziest things ever and all on film. Their voyages into the unknown have kept a lot of people on the edge of their seats and others can’t wait to learn the techniques of highlining themselves. People are donating money to the Skyliners project so that new places and new ventures can be planned and then executed by this team of mad men and women. They need to go out into the wilderness to find their peace and a way of having fun that’s totally unique. Highlining and baselining has become a way of life for these guys and their passion will take them to newer horizons to try out and develop their talents and skills.

So what exactly is highlining? It is climbing, slacklining and tightroping all rolled into one mad package. Trancrede, Julien and the team have taking this package to a higher level, performing unbelievable tricks with the ease of a bird soaring through the air on the wind. Their ‘I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies’ is a superb documentary that’s captured the imagination of many people all over the world. Whereas others might take the whole business of poising themselves on a tight rope above the world rather seriously, these guys make it look like they are having a ball as they dance with danger in the clouds. The video lasts 40 minutes, it’s a documentary that will astound all who watch it and it will certainly awaken peoples senses of fear because many of these highlining exploits are done without the use of a fall leash, a frightening thought just a few feet of the ground let alone in the realms of where these guys do it.

If you have never seen these guys in action, I strongly recommend that you do. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, holding your breath as you witness what they get up to high above the world in places of astounding beauty. You will either love it or hate it but there is one thing for sure, no one can help but admire these madmen as the cartwheel across our skies. Be sure to buy the film I Believe I Can Fly.

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