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The Real Rocky Mountain Oyster


When it comes to questions on the testicle festival in Montana, there is really no middle ground. It appears as though there is an equal number of people who are either for or against this event. Some of those against it, have strongly demonstrated that they would never be found anywhere near this event that is organized once every year. However, you simply can’t dispute the fact that more people seem to be attending the Testicle Festival in Montana every year.

The main feature taking place during any Testicle Festival in Montana is that bulls’ testicles are offered as the main culinary dish. Bulls’ testicles are also aptly known as Rocky Mountain Oysters. Consequently, the other name for Testicle Festival in Montana is Rocky Mountain Oysters. There is plenty of drinks available for the person who does not think he has the strength to stomach a full meal consisting primarily of bulls’ testicles with which to take it down.

There can be no proper testicle festival in the absence of dancing, drinking, a bit of debauchery and of course the main ingredient, bulls’ testicles. This makes the annual pilgrimage, if you can call it that, to Montana for this festival a must attend for many adherents. The need to attend has been boosted by the increasing belief that bull’s testicle is one very healthy foodstuff that you just cannot afford to ignore if you desire to live healthy and prevent some diseases.

The rumors going around Montana are that a bull’s testicles present you with very high chance to enjoy increased stamina. Furthermore, it also happens to be associated with increased virility. For these two reasons, whenever you visit Montana for the Testicle Festival, you will notice that very many restaurants include this item in their menus. Do not be taken aback by this because it simply seeks to make sure that you get into the groove.

All of the above information point out one very clear and obvious fact. The Testicle Festival in Montana is not a family event. There is a strict observation of the age of every single person who attends this event. You must offer unequivocal proof that you are strictly aged 21 years or above. Anyone below 21 years of age is sent away with a thank you and come back when you are 21 years old note. College students appear to be overly interested in the wet T-shirts.

The Testicle Festival in Montana lasts for around four to five days. These are unparalleled days of reveling, dancing, screaming, meeting new people from all over the world and eating testicles. In no way does this mean that bulls’ testicles are the only items or food stuffs on the menu. There are other meals as well but the question is; why travel all the way to Montana for the testicles festival and fail to partake of this delicacy? This would be considered almost disrespectful.

In addition to the fact that admission is pegged on whether you have reached the magical age of 21 years or more, you also need to part with $16. This appears to be no problem to more than 10,000 people who are expected to attend this testicle festival. From the look of things, organizers of this festival may have to think of ways in which they can handle even larger groups of people in the coming years as this number will most definitely go only one way and that is up.

The testicle festival in Montana has been running for more than 25 years now. Over the years it has proved to be one of the main points of attraction of people from all walks of life into the relatively quiet regions of Montana. During the month of September of every year when this festival takes place in Montana, this region is dramatically turned into a beehive of activities. You cannot afford to be away from this place every September.

What further enhances the attractiveness of the Testicle Festival in Montana is the presence of live music. In addition to the aforementioned wet T-shirts contest, there is also a competition to adjudge who between the thousands of men present for this festival has the hairiest chest. If this still does not get your juices running, you can participate in bullshit bingo as well as have your body painted the way you like, with the only limiting factor being your imagination.

The Testicle Festival in Montana has been running for every year since the 1980s and never once have participants failed to play a game commonly referred to as Booze and Balls. While other testicle festivals within the USA offer testicles of different animals, from turkey to any animal that you can imagine, the Testicle Festival in Montana have remained true to their bulls’ testicles. They are eternally biased to offer only these types of testicles to everyone attending.

The Testicle Festival in Montana has tried to hold on to one of its main long lasting customs. This is where men walk around displaying beads which they proceed to give to the women of their choice. The goal and main objective behind this custom is to have the women who have been presented with this gift expose their breasts. Well, suffice to say that many have attempted and will continue to attempt this stunt with hilarious results to show for all their efforts.

One of the most popular and beloved songs during the Testicle Festival in Montana is Sweet Home Alabama. You should be prepared to listen to several versions of this song based on the fact that the people singing it are inebriated and unable to sing the right keys. Some just bellow while others hum loudly enough. No one seems to care as their primary goal for attending this festival is to have fun rather than win music or singing competition.

The Testicle Festival in Montana has already been around for more than two decades and appears not to be decreasing in popularity. Expect to hear more about it in the coming years.

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