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The Pefect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

grilled cheese sandwich
All you cheese lovers say Yea! This is the most quick and easy on the go snack’s you can make for yourself if your racing against time. You don’t have to be a professional cook to make on of these either.

You just got to have the ingredients and your all set. This perfect if you are on a hurry going to school or to your office. It’s also good to pair this treat with a cup of coffee,milk 0r tea. Make a tasty breakfast for yourself or for your family.



2 loaves of bread



Step 1. Set the temperature in a medium low heat.

Step 2. Butter the pan and put on the two loaves of bread.

Step 3. On the other piece of the bread put massive grated cheese.

Step 4. Put on the other piece of the bread on top the other one. Just like you would normally do on a sandwich.

Step 5.  Then, put more extra cheese on top of it.

Step 6.  Add more butter to the pan and flip your sandwich.

Step 7.  Repeat the same process on the other side of your sandwhich.

Step 8.  When the crust turns golden brown and crispy that means it’s ready.

Now you get a delicious & mouth watering super crazy Inside out grilled cheese. Much on it and enjoy!

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    Ya it was really a perfect sandwich.

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