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The Lost Art of Approach

approaching a female
A thousand and one approaches later, here I find myself at the point of clarity, something inherently known after many trials and errors, while the setting and timing certainly wheel the approach, your first few words make it.

Color me old-fashioned but as it stands, man remains the pursuer and woman the pursued, altering this pattern seldom leads to success for either party involved.

That’s not to say that for every deterrent of this rather innate rule, no rewards have been reaped. Join me on this journey as I walk you through the critical make-it or break-it moment for every man out there in pursuit.

There she is, the woman of your dreams, she is beautiful, the quintessential woman right there for the taking, but a small caveat, she remains for the time being a stranger, the perfect stranger in your mind.

Not so much more than a single word has been uttered between you both, yet you feel this overwhelming sense of attraction towards her. You are in full primal and ID mode, pleasure principle at its peak, and there she is.

The thoughts surface right away, MUST TALK TO HER, this phrase repeated and echoed a million times if need be. You have never been so concrete about any other decision in your life other than this, it is paramount you speak to her lest the moment passes and gives into that moment.

In the Utopian world, she would have been swept off her feet by now and that’s exactly when you snap out of it. She’s being kept company by others, perhaps with friends, family etc and being engaged in conversation, as you imagine and try to conjure up some means of talking to her.

The timing you say is compromised, how could one possibly chat her up with all that clamor and glamor about her?

The setting couldn’t be any worse, how is one to strike up a conversation in such demanding and unpromising environments. You wish it were a perfect one-on-one setting where you would display your conversational prowess in attempts to woo her.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that you still haven’t said a word and the clock ticks, you’ve convinced yourself that the timing and setting are far too strenuous and hindering your approach. You vacate the premises or either she does and she remains that figure of your imagination and nothing more.

What if she wasn’t single? What if winter wasn’t cold? What if summer wasn’t so hot? Please save the mental torture and just approach, say something!

To the lover of the arts and beautiful, join me as we usher in a new beginning, a life full of action, bold words and bolder actions. The time is now! The question is are you ready for this transformation from dormancy to dominance?

Welcome to the world of pursuits, approach and seduction. Here’s to the true art form of approach, dedicated to the renaissance lover in all of us. Cheers!

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