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The Killer Inside Me (2010) by Michael Wintorbottom

Michael Winterbottom’s adaptation of the famous pulp writer Jim Thompson’s novel (1952) was first introduced during Sundance Film Festival this year.

The Killer Inside Me

Wintorbottom (also known for his movies The Road to Guantanamo; In this World; Welcome to Sarajevo among many others) directs the story of a small town deputy sheriff, named Lou Ford, who turns out to become a brutal psychopath, killing people as a full time job.

The cast of the movies includes Casey Afflek – Lou Ford, a West Texas sheriff and a psychopath killer (Ocean’s Thirteen; Ocean’s Twelve; The Last Kiss, American Pie 2, etc.), Kate Hudson – Amy Stanton, Ford’s schoolteacher girlfriend (Bride Wars; How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, etc.), Jessica Alba – Joyce Lakeland, a prostitute (The Love Guru; The Eye; etc.), Ned Beatty – Chester Conway (the famous TV crime and drama series “Law and Order”; Charlie Wilson’s War, etc.) and others.

The story focuses on the 29 year old deputy sheriff in a small Texas town, Lou Ford. The story is told through the eyes of Lou Ford which tries to make the viewer see through his eyes and realize the unknown depths of the human mind and the dark urges that transform, obviously boring and uninteresting people at first, into the most dangerous sociopaths.

Lou Ford is sadomasochistic in his relationships, killing both men and women, but making viewers realize that he has some special attitude and desire to humiliate, molest and kill women in particular.

The movie tries to question human relationships and understanding of life.

It offers a rather dark and gloomy world of savage beating, molesting and murdering and tries to make the regular viewer see into the mind of a psychopathic killer.

It also tries to show some minor reasons as to Lou Ford’s willingness to murder. His ‘sickness’ questions the visible surface sanity of people around us and the people we meet and communicate with every day.

It drives the deep forces of the subconscious into a frightful and devastating world which makes us ask the question ‘Is it ever possible that I turn to be such a psycho?

It is true that Wintorbottom has gone into too much details showing and depicting the murders. This director’s choice seems rather brutal and unnecessary at first glance, but actually tries to show the extent of human insanity and the uncontrollable nature of sickness.

Lou Ford tries to frame other people for his murders which further increases the nature of the inner depths and demons which make him become brutal and insane.

The move proves to be rather controversial in its vulgar and too sincere way of depicting the 1950’s text. Nevertheless, the movie is expected to become a rather sought after thriller which will be able to both make you bored or repel you with its brutality and absurd and sick savagery.

The movie follows the typical line of film noir, having all its features and characteristics. Therefore, if you are not really into bloody scenes, savage and brutal killings and sexual abusing, do not watch that one, it will be too much for you to handle.

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