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The Early Bird Gets The Healthy Body

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The thought of exercising in the morning can be dreadful for some, but the physical and mental benefits are quite astonishing. Instead of seeing it as a chore to stay “fit” people should be considering it a time to de-stress.

Morning exercises can accelerate metabolism rates, increase endorphins and ultimately bring out a better you throughout the day.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out or your mornings. Start by getting around and walking. Pacing yourself and gradually increasing your physical activity is the best way to prevent injury and allow your body adapt.

When walking try to make the act a “fun” event, by adding music, a dog, a friend or a personal goal to your routine. Sports can also be a viable alternative, as well as playing with your kids. By maintaining a daily goal the overall benefits of exercise will start to become apparent.

Stamina will increase, breathing becomes easier and after a while, maybe you lose a few pounds along the way? Walking and breathing creates a demand on the body to circulate air and blood more efficiently.

The body removes excess wastes, sweats and demands fresher raw materials (out with old in with the new.) With toxins reduced, body functions are significantly enhanced.

In addition to a happy body, what about a healthy mind? Exercise is incredible at releasing endorphins; a chemical found in the brain after activities such as eating chocolate or having sex. This de-stresser relieves pain in the body but it also promotes a very rewarding feeling.

People who smoke cigarettes, eat processed foods or skip water altogether are more likely to be stressed, fatigued and anxious. Smoking encourages a consistent down grade in health, not drinking water inhibits the body from removing waste and eating foods with sodium and heavy sugars makes the body work harder.

If you want to feel better withoutinvesting in magic beans or pills, walking might be the inexpensive and worthy alternative you’ve been looking for.

Most people find themselves more alert during everyday activities when they exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. On average people who do exercise have more stamina and tolerance for the “daily grind”.

They also get ahead in productivity and are more likely to be seen favorably with their peers. Regardless, having a habit of discipline in the mornings can do amazing things for anyone’s day. Exercise is a cheap way of altering the mind and body for the greater good, or the greater you.

Ernesto is an uncertified health nut that enjoys science, health, and learning about the universe. He is also the editor of My Lifestyle Diet where he and his staff provide healthy resources including diet reviews on today’s most popular programs.

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    In the brain after activities such as eating chocolate or having sex. This pain-relieving stress on the body but also promotes a very rewarding feeling.

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