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The Benefits of Biking for Working Men

biking for men

Keeping fit these days is such a Herculean feat, especially if you are a working guy who’s tied to a nine to five desk job five days a week. To add to that, it surely doesn’t help that you usually end up grabbing lunch or dinner at a fast food joint, which then adds a good, couple of pounds to your already growing beer belly.

The city is definitely not conducive for healthy living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be fit and have a healthier body. A smart and perfect way you could incorporate exercise into your regular, daily routine is through biking.

Biking is, like, a necessary life skill. I’m sure you’ve ridden one when you were a little boy. Fact number one: Biking is not just for little boys. A lot of men have been riding their bikes not only as a hobby or a past time, but also as a means of transportation.

If your working place is relatively near to your home, then biking is a good idea to get some exercise, but also save money. You don’t have to spend on gas, and you also don’t contribute to air pollution!

You can leave your home extra early and bike to work. This way you also get your much needed sunshine that you can’t get inside the walls of your office cubicle. You can bring a long a change of clothes and freshen up when you get to your workplace. By this, you still remain fresh and comfortable all throughout the day.

Biking has a lot of health benefits. First, it is an excellent cardio workout and will definitely make your heart healthier. When you’re biking, your blood flow and heart rate are increased, and these make your heart stronger, therefore lowering your chances of developing heart ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many others.

Aside from cardio benefits, biking is a good way to be able to lose weight. Say goodbye to your giant, fast food belly and say hello to toned muscles. It will eliminate your fats and cellulite, especially in your thigh areas.

If you bike regularly, it will be really effortless to drop a few pounds. After a long day of hard work, biking can also help you reduce your stress levels. It is a leisurely way to forget about the day’s struggle and dilemmas and release all the stress.

Like any other forms of exercise, biking will help you release endorphins or the happy hormones that’ll surely help you lighten up your mood.

So, are you ready to take on a biking challenge to improve your health? Start with getting yourself a bike that’s appropriate for your needs. If you plan on riding your bike to work, you can opt for standard bikes or road bikes.

Standard bikes are good for when the path you are taking doesn’t involve any obstacles. Road bikes are perfect for riding on cement/asphalt roads and pavements. However, if you plan to ride a bike in other types of roads and terrain, then you can get a mountain bike.

If you carry a bag with you to work, a good addition to your bike will be a saddlebag or basket where you can easily store your bag, so it doesn’t interfere with your cycling. Also, do make sure that your brakes are in good, working condition and don’t forget to wear a helmet.

Biking is surely an excellent way to keep yourselves healthy, fit and in tip top shape. So, pedal up and ride your path to a better you.

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  1. Parag

    benefits of cycling are many. It is an effective way of staying healthy and having fun at the same time. It can help you lose unwanted pounds while at the same time allow you to build new friendships and appreciate the beauty of nature. Cycling can help you escape gym time but still stay healthy at the same time.

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