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The 3 Manliest High Tech Washing Machines On the Market

As a man, you have lots of important thoughts running through your head on a daily basis. Chances are, washing your clothes is not one of them. Sure, you need clean clothes, but doing laundry isn’t exactly the most masculine pastime in the world. That’s why you need a washing machine that was built for men like you, who want to look good without spending a lot of time hovering around the laundry room. Here are the top three manliest washing machines on the market today:

Beko WME7267S

Beko WME7267S

Mans Machine - Beko WME7267S

The sports car of all washers, this machine has the sleek lines of a Porsche and the speed of a Lamborghini. Its ultra-modern design is both masculine and minimalist, and with a spin speed of 1600 RPM and a 30-minute quick wash cycle, it will clean your clothes faster than a Nascar pit team.

LG F1443 KD

Black Hi Tech Machine For The Men - LG F1443 KD

Black Hi Tech Machine For The Men - LG F1443 KD

Do you wait to do laundry until your dirty clothes pile has turned into a mountain? With a capacity of 11 kg, this heavy-duty washing machine can handle a serious load– almost twice as much as a regular machine. Even better, it’s specially designed to be extra quiet, and you can delay the wash cycle for 3 to 19 hours. It’s like having your own personal maid, except you don’t have to worry about a stranger touching your underwear.

Hoover VHW656D

Hoover VHW656D

Hi Tech Washing Machine for the Boys

The multitasker of the group, this hoover washing machine has a serious advantage over its competitors–it doubles as a dryer, too. This overachieving machine is robot-smart and energy efficient, with twelve wash settings and a sensor that automatically detects the size of your load and adjusts accordingly. Best of all? When you’re done washing, press a button and start the dry cycle– no transferring clothes means no socks left behind.

There are literally thousands of machines on the market, and finding the one that fits your needs probably isn’t going to be a challenge. However, why settle for one that just gets the job done when you can have a machine that gets it done right? These three washers are the best of the best, providing optimum performance and efficiency combined with a masculine design that won’t make you look like you’re in your mother’s laundry room.

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