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Take a Lesson From Major Armstrong

pull ups

Long ago, a Major in the United States Marine Corps named Charles Armstrong developed a program for doing as many pullups as humanly possible.

He was attempting to set a new world record for the number of pullups a person could do in one set, and he really pulled out all the stops – pardon the pun.

The first part of his workout, however, actually did not actually involve pullups.  According to Armstrong, pushups were a critical component of developing powerful pullup muscles.  And as a part of his daily regimen, Major Armstrong did three sets of pushups.

When he first awoke in the morning, Major Armstrong would immediately drop to the floor and do a max out set of pushups.  Then he would go use the latrine, and do another max out set when he was done with heeding the call of nature.

Then, after brushing his teeth, he would do a third max out set of pushups.  While his numbers on the third set might not have been especially legendary, he did improve his stamina whether his body really felt like it or not.

And as Major Armstrong even points out, pushups are the very best exercise for developing upper body stamina.

Another interesting facet of the Amstrong Pullup Workout is that Major Armstrong did not “super set” his pushups and pullups.

In fact, he actually suggests the seemingly lazy approach of taking at least four hours between doing his morning pushups and the pullups that were his real goal.  This runs contrary to how a lot of people work out, but it makes sense when you consider how our bodies are built.

A body is designed to work on a constant basis.  Designating a time of day for “exercise” reduces your overall effectiveness, because it trains you to only be active for a little while each day.  When you do exercises staggered throughout the day, you use your body as it was designed.

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