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How to Get Your Girl to Watch Porn; Tips from a Chick

Ever wish you could get your girl to get a little dirty with you while enjoying the background ambiance of your favorite porn. Here’s some tips on how!

10 Reasons She Might Hate You

Very touchy subject for those who guys that are hurting and confuse. You know some times men accuses women of this statement: We just cant really understand you women, your so hard to get. When the real issue sometimes is you just don’t seem to get it because your simply not listening or just the […]

The “perfect” first date???

A lot of men worry about taking a woman on a first date with a woman they’re really interested in. So a question I get a lot is ‘what is a perfect first date?’ The answer is pretty simple: there isn’t one. Well, at least, there isn’t a universal one. For me? Some of the […]

Do Women Really Like Men Who Make Them Laugh?

Have you ever wondered if the girl or woman sitting next to you is laughing because she thinks you are funny, or because she thinks your sense of humour is witty and makes her laugh wholeheartedly. You have definitely asked yourself the question “Do women laugh because they like me, or are they just making […]

4 Things Women Hate About Men

You, as a man, may either be extremely self confident and believe that your girlfriend is totally and unequivocally happy about you, or be realistic and realize that many things can be changed to meet your partner’s needs and requests. – Whenever you ask a married or engaged woman what she would like to change […]

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