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Checking Out the Mavericks Surf Contest

Found just near the Half Moon Bay coast is an ocean geography that, combined with winter storms, make some of the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Giving the best surfers in the world a chance to test their skills, the Mavericks Surf Contest, a contest that pits these people against waves that […]

5 Reasons to pick the Algarve for a Guys’ Holiday

Although holidays with the guys are a big part of being a man, it can sometimes be a headache trying to choose where the hell to go. With everyone wanting different things, finding somewhere to spend your well-deserved time off can require some serious thought. One suggestion to blow the competition out of the water […]

Know Your Body Systems that Work as You Box

Boxing is a long-established sport where two contenders aim to land as much powerful punches as they can on their opponent within the two to three minute round inside the ring. It requires the skills in throwing and receiving punches, good body coordination and high tolerance to pain. Due to its intense high physical demand, […]

The Early Bird Gets The Healthy Body

The thought of exercising in the morning can be dreadful for some, but the physical and mental benefits are quite astonishing. Instead of seeing it as a chore to stay “fit” people should be considering it a time to de-stress. Morning exercises can accelerate metabolism rates, increase endorphins and ultimately bring out a better you […]

Girls and Football

Here’s a shocker for you: I hate sports. I’m sorry. But I do. The problem for me is this: it’s just so artificial. No, really. It is. I mean, in real life there is no ref. There is no flag on the play. In real life, if someone is chasing you and they pull you […]

Badminton – Not Just a Girly Sport

Your semi athletic girlfriend decides you’re going to play badminton. Opting to remain quiet and deciding to go along with her fun little game – you help her set up the net outside in the yard. She tells you that she used to play this game in college and she was pretty good back then. […]

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