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Model of the Day: Ingrid Ullrich

Name: Ingrid Ullrich Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA Date of Birth: 7/16/87 Residency: Miami Nationality: American Occupation: Professional dancer Background info: I am Syrian, Italian, and German What is your favorite food: Syrian Food!

Model of the Day: Nashlly Sokoli

Name: Nashlly Sokoli Place of Birth: Guayaquil, Ecuador Date of Birth: 04/02/1990 Residency: New Jersey Nationality: Ecuadorian/ Part Lebanese Occupation: Student/ Model Background info:Student first , model second, working hard to excel in each each spectrum. Brains and beauty I have it all.. 😉 Follow me on twitter @Nashllyestefani and check me out on […]

Model of the Day: Fibi Love

Name: Fibi Love Place of Birth: Haiti Date of Birth: Oct.25 1985 Residency: Miami FL Nationality:Haitian Occupation: Student & Model Background info: The name Fibi Love is derived from her favorite television character Phoebe Halliwell on the hit television series Charmed, she simply used the French version of that name.[1] Fibi Love got into modeling […]

Model of the Day: Ana Nacvalovaite

Article by Adrian Dell, Photographs by Meagan Cignoli Britain Calling She’s tall, blonde, hot and smart. She bakes divine rolls, makes awesome jam and adores the British countryside. She’s a picture perfect babe and armcandy, but Ana is a woman of her own. It certainly takes character to travel alone thought the world’s forgotten places, […]

Model of the Day: Melissa Anne

Name– Melissa Anne Place of Birth– Vancouver, BC Date of Birth-June 17/1986 Occupation-Hostess/Student Background info– Cuban Chinese British Biggest Achievement– working with well known photographers small magazine feautures and OYE magazine in LA Facebook–!/profile.php?id=507016036

Model of the Day: Raven

Name: Raven Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona Date of Birth: I girl doesn’t give her age 🙂 Nationality: Lithuanian, Native American and Irish Occupation: Self employed (business owner) Background info: I went into the military at 18 and traveled all over the world. I obtained my degree when I got out and graduated with honors. […]

Model of The Day: Brooke Dienemann

Name: Brooke Dienemann Place of Birth: Jersey Shore Currently Resides: Florida Age: 29 Quick Bio: I am a 29 year old other of 2 beautiful girls, one is 8 and the other is one.. I love going to the beach and working out when I have the time. I have a passion for fashion and […]

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