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How to Survive Your First Job

First Job 3

It’s great to land your first professional position after spending years in college. That first step on your career path is satisfying and exciting. To make the most of your first career opportunity, follow these steps on surviving the professional world. 1. Expect to be the Low Man on the Totem Pole As the new […]

Tips to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview

If you are going to a job interview these following days, here are some tips on how to make a good first impression. It is really tough to be perfect during a job interview, especially if you’ve been out of the job market for quite some time. Things have definitely changed and are constantly changing, […]

Sustainability of a Business

Entrepreneurship has been popular these days, and it’s one of the most money making jobs today. Everyone loves to be self-employed and be their own boss. Even so, a business should be carefully planned and deployed. If it is not planned well, the business you have deployed will collapse. You have to consider the resources […]

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