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Superchick Band

For all you music lovers,today I’m going to introduce to you something new and something you’ve probably never heard before. A different kind of music that will make you jump up and down and even heal your emotional soul. This band is very inspirational and they are super crazy rockin’ live.

Their music is a combination of pop, punk rock, and rap.  In their latest album called “Rock what you Got” they included their jamming sessions the title is called guitar hero and you’ll also hear some wicked guitar solo which you all should definitely check out.

If you are looking to hear some good music and  melodies that will  somewhat speaks to your heart they are the best to listen at.In times when you are lonely,depress or your thinking  about ending your life just out on your earphones get them playing in your Ipod.They write songs that you can really relate to.

They are passionate on what they do which is a must if you are an artist. So check them out now,you can either find them on Youtube or visit their Myspace and be friends with them. Go here : and prepared to be blown away & be inspired at the same time.

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