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Sungha Jung on Youtube

sung jung

He is one talented Korean kid I tell ya! Seriously, his parents must be so proud of him, he’s the kind of person that you can say, “He was born to be a Guitar Player”. I bet when he was still inside his mother’s belly he was already assigned that as soon as he get’s out he is going to be one of the best guitar players in the world.

You should see him play, you’d be in awe. It’s amazing to see such an amazing talent and Sungha should be really famous. He deserves to be in the Spot light! I think he was discovered when he posted videos of him playing the guitar on youtube.

It is fun to watch him grow and improve his skills,  He plays the guitar so skillfully that’s why he produces really good music. Although he’s doing some song covers but it all sounds awesome.

Here listen & watch to some of his video’s:


I know that he’s going to be more successful than ever in the near future. His gift is truly ushering him into the presence of the great. More power to Sungha and I hope he becomes more famous on youtube and of course through out the whole world especially in the music industry.

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  1. denimesasx

    The other guitarist of these videos is a fine-fingerpick guitarist named Tomi Paldanius. Sungha a friend and is the head of the organization of excursions Sungha in Finland. If Sungha Tomi and have not been friends, I doubt they ever come here Sungha.

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