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Summer And Beach Foods To Avoid – Keep An Eye On Calorie Count

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While enjoying at a beach or during summer, one eats too much without getting conscious of weight gain or health risk factor. Here are some food items that should be avoided if you want to lower the fat content of your food. Keeping an eye over calorie count is very much needed to keep your body in perfect shape. Have a look!

Frozen Coffee – One cold coffee drink can involve the calories equal to the whole day diet portion. Though, it is a perfect way to stay cool in a hot summer morning. In most of the drinks, calorie portion is as high as the total food allotted to a person. It’s much better to drink a regular chilled coffee.

Hot Dogs – As hot dogs are usually rich in saturated fat and nitrates and hence raises the risks of diabetes, diseases, and cancer. It needs a complete shift of makeover. It’s better to go for grass-fed beef burger. It carries saturated fats and higher levels of CLA that is actually a cancer fighting agent.

Smoothies – These are health friendly beverages for summer. Its composition includes real fruit, milk that doesn’t carry yogurt, and also ice. In most of the cases, soothies carry only sugar in a cup. There are 430 calories in strawberry surf rider of Jamba Juice. It also has 93 grams of sugar.

Soft Pretzels – For basketball players, a calorie check over stadium snacks where soft pretzels is usually preferred option among soda, hot dogs, and ice cream. But, in real it carries 630 calories in just one serving. It means it is the unreliable stadium food.

Ice Cream – It is the all tie favorite food item of summer season. It would not be a justice to say you not to eat ice cream again in your life, but try to keep its consumption to the lowest. You can replace it with frozen yogurt that doesn’t has fat content, or may also go for sobert if you want.

Deep Fried Food – In most of the carnivals and fairs, food is mostly deep frozen like Twinkies, Oreos, and snickers. There are 425 calories in Twinkies that are deep fried, 156 in Oreo.

Pasta Salads – Your picnic can’t be complete without having pasta salad there. It’s better to use cabbage, nonfat sour cream to make it lighter in calories and also rich in taste. Cabbage is rich in vitamin K that builds bones and also helps in fighting with cancer. A great lunch idea it would be. German potato salad with vinegar dressing is also a good option.

Sluchies – These are actually drinks of fruit flavors and soda. Sugar is an important part of these drinks that does nothing else, but adds more calories to the daily diet. A Sonic slush carries 460 calories along with 124 grams of sugar. You can choose diet slushies that don’t carry any additives and also with zero calories.

Lobster Rolls – Many people would be of the view that without lobster roll, their shore visit is incomplete. Lobster is a healthy option among all other sea foods. Lobsters also carry Omega-3 fatty acids, but it should not be eaten with mayo and white bread.

If you are weight conscious and keep an eye over your daily calorie intake, then cut down these foods in summer or visiting a beach. Surely, you would be in a better position to keep your body in perfect shape.

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