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So You Want To Be A Supportive Boyfriend?

how to be a good boyfriend
Let’s face it. Sometimes, women can tend to be a bit needy. Though, in their defense, women want their men to pay more attention to them and what’s happening to their lives.

One thing that they surely need for their man is for him to be there when she needs her the most. Being a supportive boyfriend is part of being a great boyfriend that’s worth keeping. There are a lot of ways to show your support to your girlfriend, in many aspects of her life.

A woman’s career is just as important as your career, keep that in mind. So let’s say she’s having a tough time at work, she’s really stressed up and her boss is disguised as Satan. Cheer her up and ask her if she wants to talk about it and help her out in her career dilemmas if you can.

However, avoid coming off as preachy and worse, don’t boast about how well your career is going for you. Sympathize and show you care, that’s a supportive boyfriend! If there are any company events and she’d like you to come with, then put on a handsome suit because you’d want her to be proud to have a charming, supportive boyfriend.

Show your support to your girlfriend by meeting her friends and colleagues. This may come off to you as a nerve-wrecking situation, but do keep in mind that being yourself is still the best tool in the book.

Be charming, but don’t be a show-off. Be interested, smile and don’t be a snob. At the end of the day, it’s always “hoes before bros”. Her friends hold a high regard in her life and will greatly influence her and her judgment in many aspects.

If your girl is experiencing depression bouts or a midlife crisis, showing support is a matter of a balance of space and time. Don’t worry; it’s nothing that needs aeronautics, but just a knowledge of when to talk to her and be there, and when to give her space.

First things first, you must never assume anything, for that may lead to even bigger troubles and misunderstandings. Ask her what’s bothering her and then listen to her side of the story. Listen intently and see how you can help her. However, when she does say that she needs space, she means it.

On another note, if you’re dating an artistic, creative type of girl, personal expression is a huge thing for her. Support her in her art, whether it may be painting, sculpting, music, cooking, writing, and so on.

Read up on her art form, look it up on the net and learn a bit of history. Expose yourself to that art form and slowly, you will learn how to appreciate that certain art form. If you know what your girl’s pursuing, you will be able to sincerely compliment her on her beautiful work.

When complimenting on her work that you may not understand fully, you can try finding a certain element in her work that you like and emphasize on that. Any girl appreciates sincere flattery.

Being a supportive is just a matter of simply being there when she needs you. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of bells and whistles, flowers and chocolate. Sometimes, a listening ear and a hand to hold is enough to make your girl feel lucky to have a supportive boyfriend such as yourself.

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