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Snyder Believes He Can Save the World with Algae

matt synder

Discussion with Matt Snyder – Humanity article for Impulse Magazine – People who want to change the world

Journalist – Rabiah Coon —- When Matt Snyder began work on a bioremediation project in 2001, he arrived in Lake Elsinore ready to solve yet another problem. As was typical in his career, he was hired not for his expertise in the field but for his known ability to do the impossible or to at least try. A few years later, long after the project was over, Snyder looked back at his work and proposed an idea; solve the climate crisis utilizing algae cultivation for oil. The end result: Save the World…by 2016.

That last part sounds audacious or even impossible and Snyder is hesitant to say it himself but, if all of the pieces fall into place, his latest invention will literally impact the climate to the point of reversing the changes that are currently threatening life on Earth as we know it.

Snyder has always been curious and to that end has always spent his time trying to figure out how to improve something or make a new, better and more simple one.

As a child, he loved science and when he looked at an object, immediately asked “How Does It Work?” Snyder, raised by a single working-mother, was often on his own to find the answer.  He took things apart and put them back together, invented new toys and sought answers from books or science shows like “Mr. Wizard”. He left no question unanswered. Snyder’s brother has described to him as Johnny 5 from the film, “Short Circuit,” constantly seeking information. “More input. More input.”

This natural curiosity followed him into adulthood and his career. He sought his education at an automotive technical school and after a stint as a mechanic at an Alfa Romeo dealership found himself a tester at an automotive emissions laboratory running tests on cars to ensure their were up to regulation. When his stepfather became ill with pancreatic cancer, Snyder left his job and moved into the medical device industry and showed signs of working toward a cause greater than the task at hand. Maybe he could find a way to help his stepfather.

It was in this and his next position that he began his work in Research and Development. He also displayed his ability to take a problem and use systemic thinking to solve it. Not only did he solve problems, he found the simplest and often least-expensive solutions to them.

He took a break from the R&D field to spend time with his ailing stepfather and moved to Branson, MO where he spent a season as a technician for a local theater. It was then he received a call from a colleague asking him to come to CA to work on her bioremediation project because, quite simply, he had no issue with trying to do something that had never been done before. The job ended but Snyder didn’t forget the work he had done.

At age forty, Snyder fell gravely ill with Septicemia. His close proximity to death changed his worldview making it a place he wanted to revel in and enjoy.

In early 2007, current business partner Fran Wells presented him with the reality about the climate crisis. Previously a complete cynic regarding climate change, Snyder was prompted to research and almost immediately became a believer. Now, he says to naysayers, “If climate change wasn’t true than would the polar caps be melting?”

Out of his research, he also realized that he had technology which could generate biofuels and moreover, reverse the affect of climate change. He presented his idea to Wells and SCIPIO Biofuels, Inc. was born. Snyder’s knowledge of a potential solution to climate change and need to do something about the latest problem that was presented to him motivated him to take action. “I would have felt I was being morally remiss if I didn’t do something, if I didn’t at least make an attempt,” he says.

When presented with a problem to solve, Snyder does not say “No” to any solution unless he has disproved its viability. That includes solving the issue of climate change.

Editor’s Notes:

This is a personal glimpse into Matt Snyder’s life – The man behind Scipio Biofuels. Currently the project is in development phase and needs investors who are interested in changing the world. The testing phase will cost around $350,000.00 Which this magazine suggests, if you are an interested investor, and want to learn the possibilities, to contact Snyder at Scipio Biofuels – and to listen to his concept – view his prototype and consider purchasing the testing phase from the testing laboratories. Your investment may be the change the world needs. You can reach Matt by his Twitter ID to make further contact if you have interest in learning more about his plans – they are indeed interesting and the possibilities are tremendous – @IBScipio

This article was written by Rabiah Coon who is a starting journalist – and we expect to see more of these exceptional content articles soon on Impulse Magazine. As with any investment you may make Impulse Magazine advises you to do your research.

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