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Should You Reward a Female?

Reward a female when she tells you something interesting about her. After all, this is precisely what we want her to do. Compliments make ideal rewards but they must feel genuine.

You need to show that the subject is genuinely interesting to you by talking about it. For instance, if she tells you she loves football, compliment her and talk about the time you were playing it or why you’d like to do it again.

You should also reward her if she genuinely tries to address a harder question, though she might fail to give much of an answer. If she’s trying hard, you should be nice to her and try a softer and easier question in a bit.

That said, you won’t want to make it too easy for her. You should look more than one attractive quality about her. You’ll want to know her views on a few different subjects. Just take your time and space these out. And make it feel natural. Girls won’t take you seriously unless you appear sincere.

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1 Comment for “Should You Reward a Female?”

  1. Goddess Sarah

    “Girls won’t take you seriously unless you appear sincere.” True! I love it when men are sincere and honest to me.

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