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ok, here’s my situation. my girlfriend broke up with me about five months ago because she felt certain things were missing. no problems with drugs, abuse, anything like that. mostly just a lack of deep conversations, getting into a rut, and a lack of emotional support. anyways, over the last few months i’ve made a lot of changes for myself and she has started to see that these changes are real. however, we’re both graduating from college in may and she’s planning on going to graduate school which is almost 5 hours away from where we currently are. now if you were her, would you let something like distance get in the way of what could be your one true love? would you be willing to try a long distance relationship if the guy turned out to be everything that you wanted? ofcourse, I would move there in a heart beat to be with her, but other circumstances have come about which might prevent it from happening.

Best reply by Your_Star:

If I knew the guy was “the one” of course I’d be willing to make the relationship work. no matter how far they are.

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  1. ingram1taylor

    if she is noticing that ur changing thats good but if u got into a rut the last time who says it wont happen again. guy dont seem to understand what girls need from a relationship its the emotional things that we desire. she seem to be the one for u and as long as u can keep up with ur changes then hopefully ur the one for her. as u have a problems a long distance relationship may put strain on ur relationship. then again it may be the best thing that could happen as it would be those deep conversations that would be the main aspect ur relationship is based on. its sweet u say u would moved to be there with her and i think if u guys work at it u will pull through and be stronger , i would go for it if i was her if it doesn’t work out at least ur 5hrs apart haha (lol)
    good luck

  2. [theboredone]

    if i knew the guy ( in your case ) was everything i ever hoped for, I’d go for it no matter what. However i encourage that you keep the conversation going and keep on talking.. weekly visits will go far in helping the relationship 🙂

  3. Dark Angel

    If I was your girlfriend and I knew you were a really good guy, I would not let distance get in the way of our relationship and I would definitely try to have a long distance relationship if we couldn’t be together, though I wouldn’t know if it would work out that way, but if I loved him a lot and knew he was my soulmate, I would try my hardest to make our relationship work out and talk to him as much as possible.
    I also think you should try talking things out and planning things out early, like trying to be together or live together and if circumstances come about that might prevent it from happening, so be it. At least you tried to make plans to be together. Things just happen and we can’t always have things the way we want it to be. So the best advice I could give you is to try your hardest. Hope things go well between you two. Good luck 🙂

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