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Poetry – You know it


As part of an ongoing attempt to bring the ARTS into the limelight will feature and post poetry and lyrical content submissions as they are presented. ImpulseMagazine proudly supports artists in their creative pursuits!

Have  you ever caught yourself humming a tune?

Singing the words to yourself?

Chances are you know the lyrics to some great songs. You know them hook, line and sinker.

Would you be surprised to know that lyrics are, indeed, poetry?

Most people look at lyrics and poetry as two different things. When, in reality – lyrics ARE poetry.

Perhaps it is the music that keeps the backbeat – perhaps it is the fact that you’re singing along mindlessly so much so that you didn’t stop to realize that the songwriter actually sat down and wrote poetry and set it to music. But the truth is – most people aren’t aware that they are singing poems out loud when they sing the songs.

Maybe you’ve been singing them in the shower – or at rush hour with the windows rolled up – at the top of your lungs… Or – you’re an avid karaoke singer. No matter the style of singing, you’re singing poetry.

So now that you know you’re already singing poetry – why not give yourself a chance at writing it?

It’s very simple. I mean, who doesn’t remember: Roses are red, Violet’s are Blue?

Go on, sit down… try it.

And if you find you can’t write it – remember – the next time you’re bouncing to the tunes on the dance floor with one of those hottie girls… you’re a poet, ya just didn’t know it.

ImpulseMagazine would like to promote poetic artist Jenny Anderson:

Make Me

Steal my heart of steel
melt it at the foundry
Bring jugs made from lust
seen through imagery
Make me drink from myself
Now you
Press your lips to my edge
and drink

Jenny Anderson can be found:

Send one of your small poems to lyricsexpress at gmail dot com and you may be published on a future article. Please put IMPULSEMAGAZINE POETRY in the subject line.

Written by:    Meki Cox (Lyricist and Poet)

Twitter ID:    @_lyricsexpress_

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