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Plant a Tree Once and It Will Grow Forever

money tree

They say that if you plant an apple tree, its fruit will feed you every autumn for life.  While nobody is quite sure who “they” are, they’re probably the old people who sit there watching the leaves fall off of the trees in slow motion.  Old people know a lot, if they can remember it.

While apple trees are great, there is more to life than just apples.  Another really awesome thing is money.  If you have it, you can do (and get away with) things that you would pretty much never have a prayer at otherwise.

Money may not be edible, drinkable or breathable, but it can help you to satisfy every one of those needs (and quite possibly a lot of others, from the G rated ones all the way up to “don’t ask, don’t tell”).

The only thing better than making money by working for it is making your money grow all on its own.  And the only way to do that is to invest it somehow.

You can choose to put your money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or just a savings account.  But while the choice is yours, the fact remains that you have to put money into whatever you’re investing in, if you ever want to reap any kind of rewards with it.

To continue our farming analogy, you have to plant the seeds to have them grow into crops.  The trick is in making the seeds that come out of your harvest plant themselves in subsequent years.

While it can be challenging to set up automation in your finances, the end results can be mind blowing.   Think of it from a manual labor perspective.

If you were to manually cut a check to a bank where you have a savings account, every single week for 40 years, you would have send in over 2,000 checks.  Forget the cost of stamps, envelopes and the checks themselves.  I

f you only took two minutes to perform the action of preparing and mailing each of these individual checks, you would have used over 70 hours of your time.  Is your time worth anything to you?

However, if you spent about 20 minutes arranging a check to be sent through your main bank (or just transferring funds from your checking into your savings account), in 40 years you would have only spent that 20 minutes.  That is, unless you tweaked something here or there.

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