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Packing Lightly While Traveling

Traveling suitcasePacking for a trip can making or break a trip. Packing clothes, shoes, laptop, cellphone and anything else you may need for a particular trip can be a huge stress and ruin a trip before it starts.

Luckily for you I have some great tactics and ideas to make packing for your next trip a lot less stressful and much lighter to carry.

Pack only what you need. If you are going away for 7 days you at most need 7 changes of clothing, preferably 4. That way you can do laundry one day while you are away and re-wear some of the clothing you brought. Another thing you can do is bring shirts for all 7 days but maybe only 2-3 pairs of pants. Shirts get a lot more dirty than pants (usually) so re-wearing them is not something that is gross and requires much less space to hold.

To lighten your load while traveling with technology is to get an iPad. No seriously, since getting my iPad it has been so much easier to pack for a trip, it takes one cord, can do ALMOST everything I want it to, and is about 4.5lbs lighter than my MacBook Pro. I wish it were only that easy.

But in order to minimize what you need to travel I would really recommend an iGo from Radio Shack, it allows you to buy connectors for everything, laptop, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, etc, and they all plug into one power bar that goes easily with you anywhere. It costs about $100 to get started and can add up pretty quickly but for those must have gadgets it’s a real life saver.

Sometimes it is just easier to leave things home and buy them if you need them while you are there. Things like shampoo, soap, sunscreen can all be picked up at your beach destination (usually for free too). They will save you a lot of room and weight in your suitcase as well as the hassle of having to pack them in ziplock bags.

Making sure you are only bringing what is essential on a trip is so important, pack lightly, your suitcase or bag will get heavier as the trip goes on, so take heed to over packing.

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Written by Miles

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