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Nut Protection by Monkee Genes

Monkee GenesGroundbreaking new denim technology is being unveiled today by organic jeans brand Monkee Genes that will put an end to squashed scrotums when wearing skinny jeans.

Together with the Entrepierna Laboratories in Madrid, Monkee Genes have developed a new method of weaving fabric using ground skins of monkey nuts that have been found to protect and comfort the male scrotum.

The technology is set to transform the lives of skinny-jean loving men including Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and Alex Zane, who can now wear their favourite fashion item without the fear of infertility.

The humble ground nut provided the basis for this development, and in particular the generally discarded husk, whose enhanced cellulose structure creates the perfect answer for an organic denim that is resistant to crotch related wear and tear without the addition of synthetic fibres.

Dr Bloemfontein of Entrepierna Laboratories commented, ‘We have created a unique product using our proprietary pyrolysis system, where by peanut shells – a by product from the nut extraction – are treated under an argon gas with a porogenic agent with the goal of altering the pore structure and surface area of the resulting fibres.

These can then be woven into the existing organic denim production methods creating a material with an enhanced characteristic ability to absorb heat and moisture without an resulting loss to the integrity of the finished cloth’

Phil Wildbore of Monkee Genes added, ‘We have been testing the new fabric extensively, both in our development lab and in field research in some of the most demanding conditions.

We now have a product were the ability to resist ‘crotch wear’ has been enhanced by a factor of 600%. A figure that was proving to be a holy grail of garment technology, without the consideration of a destructive chemical based system’

Oliver Wayman, a skinny jean wearer from London, has been trialing the jeans on behalf of Monkee Genes said, ‘I am so surprised. Not only are the jeans more comfortable around the crotch area, but they also seem to of had a positive effect on the region generally. My girlfriend has been most impressed.’

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