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NGP VS 3DS: Battle Of The Next Gen Portables

Nintendo’s 3DS was released back in March and is currently the most powerful handheld gaming console available. Not to be out done Sony announced the follow up to it’s PSP console and both systems offer some pretty amazing features. This is a break down of some of the key selling points of each console to help you decide which one is right for you.

Power and Graphics

One of the main differences between these new handhelds and their older counter parts are their graphics capabilities.  The 3DS features a powerful dual core processor that easily allows Wii graphic caliber games at launch and is sure to improve over time. Sony’s NGP features a quad-core processor, the fastest mobile processor available in any device to date and allows for PS3 caliber graphics. From a pure horse power and capabilities stand point the NGP is the clear winner, but there is more to a good-looking game than pure graphics. The dual screen format and glasses free 3D of the 3DS is sure to lead to some very unique gaming experiences. Still, from a pure specification comparison stand point the NGP is the better console.


With any mobile computing device often the first thing people will notice is the screen. Nintendo’s 3DS sports two LCD displays, the one on the top features glass free 3D imagines and is about the size of an Iphone while the one on the bottom is a touch screen and is the same size as a DSI. The Sony NGP on the other hand features an enormous 5” OLED touch enabled display that features amazing colors and clarity. While both consoles offer gorgeous displays the edge goes to the 3DS. Glasses free 3D is a technology still in its infancy and it’s very rare to see a display capable of this feat.

Price, Portability and Availability

Both next generation portable gaming systems are significantly larger than their older generation counter parts. The 3DS is only a little larger than a DSI system but is significantly heavier. The NGP is nearly twice the size of the PSPGO and a whole lot heavier. It’s to be expected given the better hardware the systems would be a little heavier but neither are large enough or heavy enough to be noticeable in a computer bag. The 3DS retails for $350 and is available in retailers right now. The NGP is slated for a “holiday release window” and will likely cost around $400.

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