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HELP! My Girlfriend Has A Smelly Fanny!

Henry asked :

My girlfriends fanny smells really fishy and as a result I do not give her oral sex, but I know she misses oral sex because her last boyfriend used to give it to her. What should I do?

Couple on the bedWhether it smells like fish, fruit, chocolate, vegetables, or not so vegetables, not giving your girlfriend oral sex might complicate your relationship in the long run, think about the give and take rule. Now I understand that you’re not so comfortable with her odour, but each woman has their own scent and it varies due to a lot of factors like maybe her diet. It’s only natural that woman’s partner would generally know their scent better than they do since the man is the one going down on her!

Before you judge her odour, remember that even men have their own odour, unless you’re one of a kind with special raspberry scent and taste!

Here are a few things you might want to consider trying before fully restraining oral sex for your partner.

  1. Have a bath with her, yes, after shower oral sex could be amazing, not to mention the fact that her odour would decrease, thus makes it easier for you to perform cunnilingus. Don’t go down on her when she just got back from work after all that sweat and a hard long day, it only makes sense that her fanny would smell.
  2. The breathing technique might ease you up a little, when you’re down there, remember to breathe through your mouth but don’t blow air in to her sacred sanctuary that would only cause her pain.
  3. Multi-tasking, by that I mean don’t use only your tongue, give your time a little time out by applying your fingers on clitoris and rub it gently, when you’re ready dive back in gently again. This would actually makes women come faster and hey, it’s good for you too, you do need a slight break from time to time.

You might also want to consider the stage of your relationship right now, if you just started dating her then maybe you’re not used to her scent yet, like I said, each of us have different scents! So relax, breathe in, breathe out, and take your time until you go back down again, go when you ‘want’ to, or when you’re in the mood, you’ll get used to her scent in time.

In addition to the whole smell issues, you got to look back at yourself, have you always had problems going down on women? Do you feel like it’s a sex taboo? If the answer is yes then the problem might not be the smell! Either way, try these few tricks before you confront your girlfriend, and in case you do confront her (which I recommend to be the last resort.) be sure you don’t do it when you’re performing oral sex or when you two are engage in the sexual activities. Talk to her casually, be understanding, calm, and make sure you show her that you are just concern but you still love her no matter what.

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5 Comments for “HELP! My Girlfriend Has A Smelly Fanny!”

  1. fishycuntlipz

    hi i am vicki and im a lesbian. i love it wen my sexy girlfrend cumz home after a real sweaty day at work (shes a fitness instructor) and then asks me to tung her fishy fanny. i love it even more wen she has crusty bits around her cunt so i chew them aswell as her asshole which accasionayy taste of shit. oh by the way we also do scat play 2geva xxx

  2. lisa

    Get your girlfriend to shave her fanny clean that way she doesnt have this blanket in her knickers all day working like an odour sponge ready to ooze out as she takes her knickers off. Also make sure she is changing her underware regularly, if not sound suprised that she doesnt (ie ‘thats not normal’). Also does she have a general body odour problem. Ie. smelly armpits and breath if so you have got as much chance of getting the fish out of her snatch as ferret has of getting a dead maggot out of its arse hole. Good Luck!!

  3. Groucho

    Hi i am groucho and in my experience the smell that comes from the pussy is the best and it is generally better after a days work than just after a shower or bath and for me if i am trying for a hard on a few smells of it get me there. There is ocassions where the smell is bad and this means there is somthing wrong like an iffection maybe yeast thrush.
    Unfortunately some girls do not understand that their smell is good and insist on washing it. Apparently in primitive times (cave men) the man could tell from the smell if it was the right time of the month for the woman to conceive a baby.

  4. ed

    giving oral to women is good dont deprive her from it she wants it . if you cant stand the stench then stick a peg on your noise ,,

  5. Mrmiagi

    This is a ridiculous reply.

    A) Every woman has their own odour. Yes, but if its a nasty fishy odour odds are they have a bacterial infection that can easily be treated.

    B) Less odour after bathing/shower – nonsense, any stinking woman I've been with smelled 10 times worse AFTER a bath/shower.

    Basically you're saying “get used to it”, without mentioning the fact that she may be suffering from a common condition that all men fear when they first go down on a woman.

    If your girlfriends fanny revolts you – then something is wrong with it that is worthy of a checkup. Or you could follow this reply and just accept it. <rolls eyes=””></rolls>

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