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Movie Review: State of Play

State of Play Movie

Another very interesting & intriguing movie of  last year! Seriously,I don’t know why this movie didn’t really hit big time because from all the people I asked if they have watch this film they always reply with the answer No!

But it anyways I highly recommended you to watch this! Once you have started watching it your eyes wont get off the screen.

Word of advise if you have to pee do it before the movie starts because you cant miss the best parts. Also if you are journalist ,an article writer or a blogger you can surely relate to this movie!

It’s kind of mind boggling because of how they arrange the sequences of the story. It is so unpredictable that’s why it is interesting to watch.

This film is starred by Russell Crowe, Rachel Mc Adams, Ben Affleck & Helen Mirren. Watch the trailer here:


I’ll give this movie a 10/10 rate for a well plotted script, for the actor’s and actresses who were excellent in portraying their roles and for the erratic ending.

Honestly, this is the first film I saw Russel Crowe acted as a journalist because when I hear of Russel in the movie I am assuming that the film would be about sword fighting ,ancient historical movies or either anything that involves him doing some action stunts but in this movie he was really different in a good way though!

That’s why I’m suggesting If you haven’t seen it yet then go watch it now!

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