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Movie Review: Karate Kid

karate kid movie

The most fun filled action movie! A big thumbs up for this film. If you haven’t watched it yet, you better watch it now and by the way the kid who is playing the lead role is way talented. I can really see Will Smith’s profile written all over his face. Well of course it is his son but still yet sometimes his facial expressions are just like his dad’s.

This kid is going to be really more famous in the future and he’s got what it takes to make it big time. The movie was great, there are sad parts but this a definite must watch. The story is interesting and the casts are wonderful. Especially Jackie Chan it is good to see him get paired up with the kid.

Why do I keep addressing Jaden Smith a kid? Anyway Jaden’s Kung fu abilities is just too good for a kid his age.  In this movie you will mostly learn about self defense in an awesome way! Over all great great film and even some people cried after seeing this. It is not dramatic or anything it’s just touching.

Watch the trailer here:


When it shows in your country quickly grab a friend and your tickets!

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