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Movie Review: Eclipse Twilight Saga

eclipse twilight saga

So probably you guys might be so not excited of this movie . I know, I could feel your pain, I know you are just doing this for the sake of your girlfriend.It is obvious and you can’t hide it.

Well, last Wednesday June 30 was the opening of The movie here in our country and seriously the film occupied 3 cinema rooms, yes I’m not joking when you look at the menu to choose what to watch on it’s just purely all Eclipse so, see you guys you have no where to run. You don’t even have a choice!

People were flocking and they come in packs to buy the tickets and of course line was really really really long in-order for you to get one. Okay, so onto the movie. The film was all about Bella deciding who is she going to spend the rest of her life with.

Interesting hu? She has been given a chance to pick on a ware wolf or a Vampire. I mean, come on can she just end up with a regular guy just like every love story? But of course it is so predictable that she is going to choose Edward in the end anyways because of “The BOOK”.

Oh well! over all the movie was fine, more action and more drama. I just wished that Bella can makeup her mind because it is annoying to see it already! By the way I just noticed that there a lot of gay people who actually liked the movie better than the girls.It’s strange! maybe it’s because they can relate to it even more?! someone said.

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