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Men’s handbags: In or out?

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Perhaps I am old minded, I do not know, but men’s handbags; I thought “what is that all about”?

I had always been brought up in the old school, that men had wallets, women had purses and handbags. That is until my best friend, who is in his thirties, bought me a handbag (man bag) for Christmas.

I love my friends to bits, all of them, but when he bought me this, I thought he had mistakenly wrapped his moms’’ present and put my name label on it.

“Hey mate, I know you always have stuff in your pockets, your cell phone, keys, wallet and bits, and you’re always complaining that it feels like your pants will burst, so I have bought you a handbag”.

Now I know my friend has a wicked sense of humor, and I thought he was having a joke, so I played along. I didn’t show disappointment or dislike of the present, and said I would use it.

Christmas and new years came and went, and my wife and I were taking our first trip out since the holidays began. “Aren’t you going to use the bag’? she said.

I looked at it, forlornly residing on a chair in the lounge, and feeling a bit of an idiot said “I’ll look a fool, a man with a handbag, it’s for youngsters”

“Try it”, she said, “you may be pleasantly surprised”.

Well, I tried it, took all the things out of my pockets, and put them in the hand bag. Now this handbag is not an off the shoulder affair, but is made of leather, is black and looks less like a handbag than I had at first thought when I saw it for the first time.

For the fist couple of hours or so sporting it in the real world, I just thought and felt that everyone was watching me.

“Don’t be such a baby” was my wife’s comforting retort when I told her what it felt like while we were having lunch and a coffee. “It looks good on you, and before you ask, you don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb”.

Lunch over, we exited the restaurant and carried on our shopping trip. As the day wore on, I got more and more used to having the bag, and going less and less to my pants pockets. Amazing

“You know” I said to the boss, “this bag looks ok on me, it matches the ones under my eyes”. With a roll of her eyes, I realized it was a really poor joke.

I am beginning to think my wife and best friend were in this together. For whatever reason, I will probably never know. On our regular weekly webcam call to our son and his family, I said I loved the bag, and now use it all the time.

Am I trendy, I don’t know, but I have started wondering? Like I said to my wife “If Victoria Beckhams’ husband can get away with a bag AND a sarong as well.

The “look” said it all.

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