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Men’s Fashion: Geek Makeover & Hot Fashion Mix Outfit Inspiration

Talking about Men’s fashion with you guys I think that there is no problem regarding getting you all dressed up since you people can just wear a simple t-shirt,a pair of good denim jeans, sneakers and your good to go.

No worries at all except of course if you are the kind of guy that likes to wear these kind of outfits:


Then I well I do agree that you have a lot to change here,remove and reprogram the whole outfit. Just let me clear things out, I’m not hating on nerds here ok? I do have high respect on “Nerds”. There ingenuity will take over the world and hey most girls like smart guys!

Let’s give a remedy to this guy over here, take this is a tutorial on what to do and how to look cool if you are a Nerd 101: This is so unbelievably easy!

Step 1: First, Be willing to remove the big ugly eyeglasses, I’m sorry but I’ve got to say the “U” word.

Step 2: Open all the buttons of your shirt and wear a white tank top inside.

Step 3: And oh my goodness throw away that jumper thing! or whatever you call that.

Step 4: Wear a skinny jeans or denim short’s for men  instead of that super formal black pants.

Step 5: Mess your hair up a little bit, put on some gel or clay and make it a little bit spiky but not too much to the point that you’ll look like a Mohawk. So take it easy and don’t get too excited!

Step 6: ” DO NOT TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT ” Yes ,that’s right it is all written in bold letters for you to get it clearly & understand!

Step 7: If you are riding a bike on the the way to work or to school then I suggest you use your car instead, if you don’t have a car then there is always what we call a public bus that you can ride on! Get rid of that bike now.

Step 8: Change your expression! Look cool but be absolutely normal when you walk or talk.

Step 9: Do not slouch, walk talk and be confident!

Step 10: Change your business man bag into a backpack instead if you are a student!

This is a look that you can wear almost anywhere this is for the men who is into fashion and wants to fashion out but dont know what to mix and match there outfit! So here’s a guide & inspirations for you:

Look 1:

Look no. 2 Here’s some Korean Street Casual Look for you:

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1 Comment for “Men’s Fashion: Geek Makeover & Hot Fashion Mix Outfit Inspiration”

  1. Kibe

    Why would i do all of that?

    I'm ok with my looks and i don't give a rat's ass about what you think about me! =)

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