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The Men Pen

the men penYea, I know before you say what the heck? Are you serious concealer for men? You have got to be kidding me? I’m seriously not kidding you!

This product is actually made for men. Now, I know not all men wears concealer they think it’s so eeky, gay and girly, but didn’t you know that actor’s,business men, & even just regular guys who want’s to feel more confident about themselves use this daily?

If you haven’t heard about this product yet, go to Google and type in ” The Men Pen” you have to see it for your self and try it out too.

This is highly recommended for guy’s since I think this is the only makeup product that was made specifically for men.

This Pen can conceal dark spot’s, uneven skin tone,acne,redness,blemishes, dark circle’s, and etc. If you have a razor knicks or even a red mark in the face caused by shaving, this could definitely help.

It can even cover up tattoo’s very well and it comes in 17 different shades to match your skin tone.

How to apply it? You can either use your finger’s or a cosmetic sponge. Then,what you do is you take some of that concealer onto your finger and gently dab it on to the area that needs concealing.

Blend it and smooth it out on your skin so that you wouldn’t look like you’ve put makeup on. Easy as that! Now, you don’t have to borrow your girlfriend’s makeup for touching up which I know some of you do.

This product is only $17.95, how awesome is that? They also ship too so wherever you are in the world and if you are interested, you surely can buy it. The accept payment’s through PayPal and its a money back guarantee so you have to try it. You can either go directly to their site to buy it.

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