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Men and Jewelry – The Real Deal

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Should men wear jewelry? I think this topic is a regular subject for debate among friends. Surveys and interviews have showed that women think there’s nothing wrong with men wearing jewelries.

However, they should know where to draw the line. You wouldn’t want to commit social suicide with the ladies by distastefully wearing an overabundance of jewelry, right?

When it comes to fashion and leaving an impressive mark on ladies, the age-old adage “less is more” can never be truer with men and their jewelry. You don’t want to compete with the ladies on that aspect. Women can generally wear an excessive amount of jewelry and still get away from it without being ridiculed but if men do it, it’s a big no-no.

So, you might ask, aside from a watch that proudly bears the name of a popular designer, what other piece or pieces of jewelry can men wear? A ring is an acceptable piece of jewelry that men can wear. But do take note that a simple ring or a wedding band will do. You don’t have to wear diamond studded rings on all fingers of your hands, or you will end up looking like a rapper!

What else can you wear? A thin necklace with a small pendant or even a simple chain would suffice. You can even wear a leather necklace, pretty much like the type being worn by most men today, which is trendy, comfortable and cool. Leather jewelry, whether braided or corded, is a popular accessory of most celebrities today.

You can also wear a simple bracelet, something that’s just the right size and won’t clash with your watch. Or you may want to wear a leather bracelet to go with your leather necklace.

At any rate, simplicity is the key. You can wear jewelry, even if you have a built like that of Mr. T so long as you keep it to a minimum. Keep this thought in mind: when you go out with someone, you want all eyes on her and you would want to get compliments because of the beautiful lady in your arms and not get scathing insults because you look like a walking display of the neighborhood’s jewelry store.

So do opt for a few nice, yet simple pieces of jewelry, for they will surely emphasize your clothes and add fashionable touch to your everyday look.

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