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4 Tips to Help Maximize Results at the Gym

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Most people love going to the gym that do workout on a regular basis, or else they would not force themselves to go, right? Well sometimes working out at the gym can become a chore and slimming your time down can be one of the better ways to reinvent and re-energize yourself to continue going.

Check out these tips to maximize your gym visits in the minimum time at the gym.

Cut Down the Chatter

Chatting at the gym can get you in serious time trouble. If you do a set of bench press, talk for 5 minutes, then do another set of bench press, you are going to be there all day. Cut down on the chat and take shorter breaks between sets.

Shower and Get Ready at the Gym

Showering and getting ready at the gym may sound more like a hassle, but if you do it right it will reduce your overall time that it takes to workout. Pack your bag the night before (or better yet go to a gym with lockers you can rent) and have all your toiletries and shower stuff ready to go.

Run into the gym, change, lock your stuff up, workout, shower, leave. It saves time at home and will get over that mental block of not wanting to pack your bag before you leave to the gym.

Less Sets More Reps

You probably don’t need to pack on big muscle anyways, do a few more reps each set and cut your sets down from 3 to 2. Packing lean muscle comes with doing higher reps of less weight. It will help tone you up as well.

Circuit Train

Moving quickly between sets and exercises is how I reduce my amount of time in the gym. I can get done in 15 minutes what some people will take 45 minutes to do.

Move from exercise to exercise, alternating between upper and lower body on each change, it will make your muscles fatigue less and recover faster, so that you are ready for the next set on that part of the body while you are working out the other part. So your chest recovers while your legs are working, or vice versa.

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