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Marie Digby On Youtube!

Marie Digby- If you don’t know her then there’s probably something wrong with you!  If your a fan of her then scream out loud people! But if you don’t know her yet, Marie is a very talented singer and a song writer. She was first discovered on youtube when she did a song cover called Umbrella by Rihanna and she got over 16 million plus views now in her channel on that video.

She’s the real deal and she is not only a pretty face but is incredibly passionate on what she does especially when it comes to music.Marie can play the piano and guitar very well! She is one heck of a talented artist you’d be blown away by her angelic sweet voice!

She is half Japanese/half Irish American. She is the eldest of the 3 siblings and is 27 years old now.Didn’t you know that she has already recorded some of her original songs before she got really famous on youtube? The problem with Marie is that she had some promotional issue’s and that is to get her music out there and let it be heard throughout the world.

So what she did, she first made some song covers from other famous artist on Youtube and after finally getting tons of views, subscribers,fans and the crowd she wanted there she then promoted her original songs! You can buy her album Breathing Underwater on or even watch her video’s on Youtube. Just simply type in Marie Digby and it will lead you on to her channel. Like her videos and subscribe!

In addition:See how youtube can make your dreams come true? If your an aspiring artist I suggest you upload your singing videos there because it can really help you promote your music and you’d get fans like ASAP if they like you! So get out there and show your talent!

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